Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Debate – Plights of Refugees in Europe (September 16th)


Negentropic said...

Hungarian law allows detention of those breaching razor wire fence border.

Iranian law allows arrest and humiliation of people by the fashion police for violating the Islamic dress code, and forget having any kind of long hair. Even mullet haircuts. lol yes, you read that right: mullet haircuts (business in the front, party in the back) are illegal in Iran.

Iranian law considers women to be worth only half of a man as human beings.

Iranian law, decreed by Khomeini himself, forbids all public performance of music, except for military and religious music. However, women are not allowed to perform even the military and religious music.

Iranian law allows a bare minimum of 74 (7+4=11) lashes to anyone who insults Ahmedinejad or any other Islamic leader.

Iranian law allows stoning to death, basically death by slow torture, of adulterers and homosexuals

Which one of these laws is worse, Press TV, you slimy, hypocritical propaganda mouthpieces of the Islamic government?

Fucking hypocrites.

As if Islamic Iran had any right to speak of "human rights" violations of anybody given its own disgusting, medieval laws.

The stench of hypocrisy is the worst smell of all.

1melahat said...

Stoning to death was stopped in 1981 by khomeini himself. Research it mr. Know it all. You're full of crap.

1melahat said...

BTW, what does the plight of refugees in eruope have to do with your hatred of iran? It's like every month you spew your anti-iranian sentiments. In the whole sceme of things I'de say iran is actually one of the good guys who minds his own and hasn't started a war compared to the u.s. or israel of which you could write several books their terrorist actions around the globe. Lets see you give the same long winded criticism to israhell. You know your buddy brian stavely covers for the jews and says it's the vatican who are behind everything. You've said before that calling out the jews is boring but leaving monthly "let's hate on iran posts" is more your style.

Negentropic said...


Oh really?

Here are the names of every single person stoned to death since 1980:

Who's full of crap?


Don't make me pull out the disgusting, nauseating, pedophilic book of Khomeini's famous sayings (which include teachings on bestiality) in the original Farsi to really make you feel proud of your Ayatollah-bred heritage.

It's all in here, the penal code you don't want anyone to know about or read:

And that slimebag maggot Khomeini didn't change a damn thing.

This is why I hate the Islamic government of Iran and will hate it till the day I draw my last breath.

If you like these laws. If you claim that these laws are humane and just. Then I consider you a part of the problem, not the solution.

Then I'll say to you, you don't even belong in Europe or the USA, but back in Iran with your favorite Mullahs with your whip in in one hand and small stones in the other.

Negentropic said...

And by the way, to quote only one article in the penis code:

Article 7
4: Adultery, whether punishable by flogging or stoning, may be proven by the
testimony of four just
men or that of three just men and two just women


The testimony of a woman doesn't even count. 10 women could provide contradictory testimony and it wouldn't mean shit. Only the word of men count. The word of 4 "just" men is enough to prove the case, no "hard evidence" necessary. So, you're basically talking about a system of zero justice even based on their own barbaric code.

You're basically praising and protecting a medieval government and then claiming, incorrectly, that because I despise the Islamic government of Iran, that I hate all Iranians.

Total fallacy and non-sequitur.

But I wouldn't expect you to know the difference. Actually, you probably do know the difference, but being a scoundrel, a man of no principles, you never fight fair and use whatever you can use to push your agenda forward.

Your only excuse for protecting a government this despicable and tyrannical is that "if the Jews took over it would be worse," which just goes to show how duped you are, since the very first thing Khomeini did when he took power was issue a fatwah to protect all Iranian Jews.

Do you really think he did this out of the goodness of his heart?

Anti-Jew statements to build the best bogie-man money can buy are a very common thing, just like anti-capitalist-pig statements were a dime-a-dozen in the former communist-Jew-block.

No country that does not economically benefit its people is ever a threat to Jew power. 35% years of double digit inflation is as dire as it gets economically. In the entire history of the USA, there have been on 3 years of double digit inflation and inflation is nothing but robbery of the poor by the government.

Assad and Gaddafi were benefiting their people economically, hence why they were attacked. Iran will never be attacked, no matter what the rhetoric, until they become and economic power, which they are anything but. They have yet to roll one single car off a production line designed by themselves but they are making "nookular" weapons and have a "space program."

Tell me some more Jew media BS fear-mongering lies. But if it flatters Iranians that their medieval, stone-age government is actually a progressive one, they are more than willing to accept the designation of a "nookoolar" and "space program" capable country, despite the fact that 1 in 17 people are addicted to hard-drugs and people have to sell their internal organs for 500 dollars (and wait four months to get it) to survive.

So, fuck the Islamic government of Iran, long live Iranians who hate tyranny. How's that?

Not good enough for you because you love tyranny? Because you love to be lash people a hundred times for "insults" to Islamic leaders?

Then that's not my problem, is it?

That's just you preferring tyranny over freedom and I'm not interested in any human being who isn't interested in freedom of thought and association. I'm not interested in tribalists of any kind. They're all the same and they always end up the same when they take the tribalist route.

Negentropic said...

P.S. Just to make sure you don't misunderstood the last part and start more BS: "or that of three just men and two just women," that basically means that without three "just men," the word of "two just women" or any number of "just women" without the three "just" men to back them, does not count. Without the testimony of the 3 "just men," the testimony of "just women" count for shit. Only with the testimony of at least "3 just men" do the testimony of the "two just women" begin to count. Without it, a hundred "just women" can say whatever they want and no dice. Only what men say "in numbers" count. The women being only accessories to the men and worth only half of each man, by law.

Negentropic said...

Correction: don't misunderstand

1melahat said...

You are a liar. There is no stoning to death in Iran. I have told you several times my stance on Islam but you still proclaim I am a khomeini lover or some crap. You purposfully ignore what I've said in previous posts to you. Why don't you move to Tel Aviv with your buddys at clues forum "the vatican is behind everything crew you little jerk. What the hell kind of a shut in are you who posts thousands of posts all day? You must not have a woman or a job. You must read madam blovotsky and study freemasonry all day ljke the self rightious loser who you are trying to be a tuff guy spreading lies about atonibg in Iran. Even wikijewdepia has to admit stoning was banned in 1981. You are a know it all, arrogant little punk fresh off the boat. I bet you're like five foot eight 150 pounds little armenian geek who masterbates to numerology. Get off the keyboard tuff guy anx get a life loser!

1melahat said...

I'll tell you this you little fresh off the boat little lisping armenian liar, you know exactly what my stance is on Abrahamic religions but you choose to defame me because you are a liar and you use back handed manipulative ways like a jew. You attack the people of Iran without making any differentiation between them and the government and your hatred of iranians is very jewey. You are obviously a wanna be freemason like a jew. You obviously have too much time on your hands because you go on ad nauseum with your superiority complex posting all day non stop at mami's and a plethora of other sites. Who the fuck has time to do that all god damn day like a troll? You, that's who. You are obviously a lonely and pale shut in. I have tried to be cordial with you and respectful but your disingenuousness towards me through your assumptions of me even though you know exactly what my beliefs are shows you to be a troll with an agenda. I pay taxes in the u.s. and this is were I want to be motherfucker. You fuck off to Israel.