Friday, October 2, 2015

Adblock extension with 40 million users sells to mystery buyer, refuses to name new owner

Money Talks. Developer Walks...
*Time To Try Another program Before Firefox gets Blitzed With Unstoppable Adverts!  Hint: Try "uBlock Origin" as an alternative. you Might be surprised!*

Adblock, a popular extension for blocking advertising in Chrome and Safari with more than 40 million users, was quietly sold today. The extension displayed a popup on October 1 saying that it is now allowing EyeO’s acceptable advertising — which allows advertisers to buy their way onto the whitelist — through the filter.


El Buggo said...

I find this one very excellent for blocking unwanted content:


Paul T said...

Jews can print money out of thin air to buy anyone or anything.

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

I have noticed for awhile now that ABP has become a fucking POS ,
it has gotten so slow in the last couple years and it just keeps on getting slower
the chrome extension is so bad lately it is almost better to disable it and let the ads through because with it enabled the pages load so slow lately
i always see waiting for ad block plus extension hanging and it never used to do that before i swear they sabotage it on purpose
or maybe it is just chrome itself
as for FF i find that steaming pile of crap has been unusable for years

Nona said...

THEY don't have to have the "peasants" all riled up and rioting, because the Feds are suddenly closing down the Internet.

All the feds have to do is this kind of thing, been doing it for some time now.

Straight out of the think tanks for pesky uppity "peasants."