Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt 10/04/2015

Robert is joined by Professor Doom to discuss the Oregon shooting incident. He also discusses other timely topics with callers.

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Negentropic said...

This Professor Doom guy is pretty smart. I like what he has to say. But are both Reyvolt and PD pushing Judy Wood crap? Or is it only Reyvolt? Come on! They should know better than that even for amateur fakeologists and Doom Professor is certainly not an "amateur" fakeologist anymore than that Betsy McGee character was.

Does Reyvolt know that the very first step in understanding anything about "fakery in the media" or fakeology is "authentication of imagery." You authenticate all imagery before using any of it and what they imply in combination as a foundational premise to base your arguments and logic on. Judy Wood has never done that. She has not authenticated a single image that she uses out of hundreds to base her entire theory on. John Friend and Kyle Hunt or whoever is close to Reyvolt or goes on his show regularly should inform him of this very simple requirement of all scientific and criminal investigation: the authentication of evidence. One of the main functions of the entire Jew-Media is to keep you from seeing this very simple and elementary fact and all the 9-11 "plane-huggers" and "victims-huggers" are playing into their hand, direct agent or useful idiot/ego, the result being the same: disinformation.

Disinformation is not healthy for human beings and the actions they will take as a result of the fantasies it creates. Disinformation creates false, destructive and time-wasting courses of action and eventually burn-out and giving up in frustration. This is the stated intent of disinformation specialists and PsyOp warfare departments of the intelligence and military communities.

Most importantly, disinformationists know that for every agent they hire, they can create thousands of self-motivated useful idiots who act in the capacity of agents and spread the same disinformation without realizing it, with actually thinking they are doing "good." Well, it cannot be repeated often enough that "The road to hell is paved with 'good intentions." It's not good intentions that matter but "Real eyes that Realize Real lies," actual facts that bring about fruitful and effective results. There can be no "bad intentions" when facts enter the picture unless the person in possession of these facts decides to use them to exploit other human beings deluded with fantasies and illusions reality has no solutions for. This is the reason why many "evil" or questionable characters of history that had "real eyes that realized real lies," such as Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey, Benjamin Disraeli, Theodore Herzl, Che Guevara, Lenin, the Ayatollah Khomeini, etc., are very much worth reading and learning from in bits and pieces. The fraudulent ideas they often push are only really harmful to those who have not learned techniques of de-poisoning wells. Once the "evil" or the intemperate and crazy aspects are filtered out, the facts they excavated where "no man had gone before" become that much more valuable. The diamonds in the rough that never were polished are picked up in this way and start reflecting more and more light.