Monday, October 19, 2015

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt 10/18/2015

Robert discusses many important topics and is joined by callers.

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Allat Goddess said...

This wave of Black invasion is shocking!

As a Latina, I never thought I'd feel this way. Never. Never!

But these creatures have no intention of integrating with the host culture.

What brought this home to me, was a photo of:

3 bikinied young White women at the beach, delighted with an African man. And two other African men looking on and grinning.

These three man, as black as the ace of spades.

And then a vid, which shows a Black African doing a sexual act with the exhaust pipe of a car.


And then the story of the refuge centers, where the Africans have no compassion or mercy of consideration of their own kind, the female of the spec ies.

No sexual control, to sense of privacy, no conscious control of their acts.

One can't even dignify these African creatures with the name "animals" because 4 legged mammals don't attack their females, they leave them alone.

But the thing is not the Race, their color, but that these men have barely crawled out of the Primeval slurry.