Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Patricia Aiken's Sacred Cow BBQ podcast 10/8/2015

Patricia interviews Frederick C. Blackburn(Blackbird9) and Dutchmen. They share personal stories and discuss race relations and Jewish machinations.

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*Criminal State Series




blackbirdsPepperPlan said...

Greetings all!!!

Happy Wacky Wednesday!!! :)

A big ol' North Cackilacki "Thank you!!!" to the fine folks at Mami's for posting this show up on your main page as well as to Sister Patricia Aiken at "Sacred Cow BBQ" and the krew over on Revolution Radio for having me on as a guest.

Here are links to the blogs mentioned for those that are interested:

"What Happens When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object?"

"Zionism = Racist and Sexist Centralized MASTER/slave System"

- bb9

phyllis66 said...

Have you seen any homeless Jewish veterans? Have you seen any poor Jews in your circle of travels? Have you seen any Jews in your grocery stores? They don't mix and mingle with the rest of the population as they are segregated within their own circles of business owners. You will only spot them behind the closed doors of the shops and running rampant in government buildings manipulating the country.

Erik Paul said...

Those Jews had better be in the grocery stores. After all, the goyim have paid billions to ensure all those products have been properly blessed for them.

Come to think of it, I did see an Hasidic rabbi in my grocery store once...but I smelled him way before I actually saw him.

t brad said...

well kinda lost credibility with your flat earth stand

Allat Goddess said...

Rivero calls D.C.: Sodom on the Potomac

Allat Goddess said...

Phyllis 66:

You'll, also, see them flocking like buzzards in the NYC Diamond District....blood diamonds, that is.

Tele Funken said...

I like your shows, Patricia, also on flat earth!