Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Graham Hart Show 2015.10.13

Guest: Rob from Australia
  • This is basically a long rant on Elite Jews
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Allat Goddess said...

And I've noticed tha everytime a prnouncement is made against We, THE People,against O U R Freedom, it's ALWAYS an old, wrinkled Creature, who should have croaked aready. ...such as Pelosi, Brzinski, Kissinger and the rest of the demon horde.

When you see them, you'l know who I mean. It's shoc king to see how they are still around, who much havoc they're still causing.

And that old coot at the UN yesterday - who said, "National Sovereignty is an illusion."

THe NERVE, when in fact, It is We, Human Beings, who really own this Planet, NOT these creatures. It is OUR beautiful Planet!