Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.10.13

The Attica prison riot

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galdurster said...

Charlie, Sirhan Sirhan was and probably still is a Christian.

Oona Craig said...

Sirhan Sirhan was selected "because" he was a Christian. It was Mossad's little joke.. a Christian killing a Christian. An insider joke, like the alcohol-swilling, bar-hopping "devout" Muslims who were blamed for 9-11.

larry said...

He was selected because he was a palestinian

Anonymous said...

39 minutes in, Charlie mentioned that Lee Harvey Oswald was recently quietly added to a CIA memorial wall, as a tacit admission of being a CIA agent.

It's such an amazing claim, if true, so I looked it up, and it seems to be a satirical story from an Onion-like site.


You can easily glean that from today's home page, which has the story: "Private Sporting ‘Infantry’ T-Shirt Fully Prepared For ‘Miles Of Pussy’"

It's understandable that Charlie unwittingly passed this info along, as they have been known to rub things in our faces, and admit things long after the fact, like former Israeli President Moshe Katsav quietly honouring the agents who took part in the "Lavon Affair" false flag.

"On March 30, 2005 Israel publicly honored the surviving operatives, and President Moshe Katsav presented each with a certificate of appreciation for their efforts on behalf of the state, ending decades of official denial by Israel.[3]"

""Israel honors 9 Egyptian spies". Ynetnews. Reuters. 30 March 2005."