Friday, October 9, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.10.09

The phony Zodiac killings

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Anonymous said...

Charlie's getting closer to realizing the mass fakery in 9/11, while thankfully not falling for the trap of hyperfakery (that almost everything was faked).

However, he said we know that some events are real, like the Columbine shootings, but do we?

Perhaps it was, but the absence of a discussion about fakery a-la Sandy Hook didn't surface at the time because it didn't need to, as not enough events had been faked or not enough people had caught onto it. And now, since more events are being faked, the hyperfakery meme had to be put out there to confuse things.

Still, I haven't heard a single major alternative media personality go from talking about 9/11 being primarily a real event with a lot of deaths. Daryl Bradford Smith, Christopher Bollyn, Rense, Alex Jones have talked about fakery in subsequent events, yet still assert that 9/11 was primarily real, with a lot of deaths.

Anonymous said...

24 minutes in, Charlie rightly raised the point that if ISIS was a genuine Islamic terrorist operation, they would've struck Israel directly (he said Tel Aviv).

Indeed, just as Saddam Hussein lobbed scud missiles into Israel to provoke a response, and Israel was asked not to respond, because it would've been detrimental to their interests at the time (and other bigger interests), they restrained themselves.

While some dual Israeli-American citizen was allegedly beheaded (actually, one of the ones that even some mass media outlets called into question the video's authenticity), his Israeli citizenship was covered up at first, and he wasn't solely Israeli.

Al Qaeda has also never attacked Israel, so you don't have to do much analysis to see who they and ISIS are ultimately serving, despite some Arab/Muslim countries being involved in a big way (Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey).

Anonymous said...

I find Charlie's theory about the Zodiac killings plausible when you examine the evidence put forward by Dave McGowan of the Laurel Canyon hippie music scene with connections to the CIA, and how a hippie image that was seen as distasteful to mainstream America (his own words in a past interview) was linked to the anti-war movement in order to discredit it.

The purported Zodiac killings also served as a way of distracting from the problems of Vietnam. Remember, you need motive, means and opportunity. With some allegations of fakery, those things aren't readily apparent, such as the claim that the Earth is flat or that nuclear power is a hoax, yet with the alleged Zodiac killings, you can see all three of those facets.

I'm waiting to see where Charlie takes his further fakery investigations. Hopefully closer to demonstrable fakery on 9/11 and not down the road he did with Martin Luther and Hitler where, despite raising legitimate concerns, I don't think he brought the same rigour of proof as he has in systematically taking apart the Bible.

Woodchuck said...

Yeah I question his acceptance of Columbine as a real event too.