Wednesday, November 11, 2015

China's Xinjiang Problem - Made in USA

China's western region of Xinjiang, a vast area home to some 21 million people, is one of several hubs of destabilization maintained by the US State Department and its vast network of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), covert programs, and overt political meddling. America's "Xinjiang game" is part of a larger, long-term goal of encircling, containing, and undermining China in a bid to maintain American hegemony across Asia.
US-based and funded NGOs claim that ethnic Uyghurs are regularly persecuted, discriminated against, and have their human rights consistently and unreasonably violated by Beijing. Of course, most of these claims are referred to by even the Western media as "allegations," not documented facts, with the vast majority of these claims coming from a handful of Uyghur groups funded directly by the US State Department through its National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
And most of these allegations are in regards to individuals and organizations directly linked to US efforts to destabilize the region.
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Allat Goddess said...

Your forget that the Uyghurs are islamic. They give problems to the central gov. all the time.Rioting. Protesting....wanting independence fr the centrals.

It's been going on for ages. Islamics give problems wherever they are, it's not just the U.S. de-stabilization.

You look where islamics are worldwide, and tell me where they don't cause havoc?

Look at Kosovo. It used to be part of Serbia, then the islamics got their own country. They're still having problems, causing trouble.

1melahat said...

9/11 was made to look like it was the damn moooslems but it was jews and christians. All the terrible moooslem countries where women have less rights are ruled by puppets who are held in place by jewish and christian powers. The judeo Christian U.S. nation is the biggest purveyor of terrorism and violence of all time. The problem is religion itself, not just one branch of it. Fools will go on and on taking sides and rooting for wars to wipe out the other. Bigotry is the outcome of a lack of understanding.