Saturday, November 28, 2015

Daryl Bradford Smith on Global Dynamics 11/25/2015

Daryl Bradford Smith analyses the Paris Attacks.

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*The Goal
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Anonymous said...

Good to hear Daryl bring up the economic aspect to this, and acknowledging that the French Intelligence Service was involved, and that it wasn't just some Mossad operation.

That is the sad reality of these events, is that the various intelligence agencies are working together for the same global masters.

And it was interesting to hear the economic argument that he made, that they would try to blame a worsening economy on Muslim terrorists.

But too bad that he bought into the notion that some of the deaths were real (7 minutes), when he has questioned whether anyone died at Sandy Hook and Boston AND where we can see similar recurring patterns between all three.

Anonymous said...

Here are some notes I made:

- no mention of Paris attacks being totally faked
- economic angle, of blaming the economic downturn on islamists
4m - said it was a plan to pit Christianity against Islam, and was brought in in the 70s with muslim immigrants into european countries
5m - implies that the three world wars reference attributed to albert pike is real
7m - said some people were killed in Paris attacks
10m - said it’s a false dichotomy of russia being bad guy when they are part of a script run by Zionists
14m - Putin’s Jewish/Zionist connections
15m - said putin’s mother was jewish, called yeltsin jewish
25m - implied that he doesn’t believe in the official Holocaust narrative, but can't openly address it because of France's laws
31m - he thought they’d be farther along in informing people by now of the Zionist takeover
36m - cell phone addiction, not discussing anything with people around them
- on train of 70 people, not a single person talked to anyone else on the train for 2.5 hours
- forcing them into a different mindset
- shared his observations with many people he’s spoken to
43m - claimed the only real money is gold and silver in your hand
- said it’s the only thing that has no counterparty risk
48m - phone problems