Tuesday, November 17, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.11.17

Dr. Duke and Germar Rudolf expose the rotten roots of European Genocide!
Today Dr. Duke had German researcher and activist Germar Rudolf as his guest for the hour. Mr. Rudolf explained the demographic collapse faced by Europe, and Germany in particular, and juxtaposed it with the population explosions that are on going in Africa and the Middle East. When combined with a Zionist led open borders immigration policy, the result is a rapid replacement of Europe's native population with foreign groups that are fundamentally hostile to its culture.
The discussed the difference in policies between the former East and West Germanies. While Democratic West Germany, with full knowledge of its plunging birth rates, let in massive numbers of Muslim immigrants with much higher birthrates. By contrast, Communist East Germany promoted native German birthrates, especially among high performing university educated women.

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blake121666 said...

I love how Germar brushes off Duke's pseudo-science evolutionary bullcrap at the end! LMAO! Evolutionist BSers love their hand-waving confirmation-bias crapola. That's why they like to argue with religion and not hard scientists. Meh is the only thing to respond this this baloney.

Itzda Joos said...

"Meh" is pretty much the way to respond to ALL baloney including all dogmatic religious BS. Religious zealots, athiests and idiots who believe in dogmatic "pop" science are all in the same bag of foul-smelling poop with blindfolds on as far as I'm concerned.

fauxcapitalist.com said...

Funny how 35 minutes in, Rudolf called it Duke's "pet topic" to go on about Jews and Jewish Zionists, and Duke predictably pushed back on that, saying it's not just his pet topic, but documented fact.

But Rudolf is right in terms of Duke has tunnel vision when focusing on it too much to the exclusion of the Cultural Marxist factor that not only highly intersects with the Jewish factor but is an independent factor that is key to understanding what is unfolding these days in the West in particular.

Itzda Joos said...

Although Faux, when you consider that cultural marxiam is essentially jewish then that's a moot point my friend ;)