Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jim Rizoli Interview with John Friend
*The Holocaust Mega-post


Innocent Smith said...

My God does this guy Friend beat around the bush. He takes 30 minutes to say what could be said in a minute.

He went through some five points that constitute genocide. He seemed to miss the most obvious one which is preventing a people from giving birth. Abortion, birth control, etc. Unfortunately, this is mostly a self-inflicted wound.

t brad said...

innocent smith:
in feb.2013 john friend said on air that he wants to see everyone over 40 to die...he thinks the millinea age is gonna save the world.

Oona Craig said...

John Friend is being cultivated (given air time and a persona) as part of the new generation of shills, replacing the increasingly time-worn shills like Alex Jones, Jim Fetzer, Gordon Duff...the whole crowd at the controlled opposition at AFP and Veterans Today. John Friend talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk... as a cursory look at his personal life proves.
The good guys are being offed...Michael Collins Piper...Dave attempt on Jeff Rense.

Roy Hobs said...

The "Truther" occupation must be a good one. From Friend's site: A lifetime subscription to Exclusive Members Only Content is $75; lifetime subscriptions will increase to $100 on March 1, 2016, so take advantage of this initial offer while you can!
◾A one year subscription subject to automatic renewal is $40;
◾A three month subscription subject to automatic renewal is $25.

Subscriptions may be purchased either electronically through our secure online payment processor or via check, cash or money order.

I remember in my early twenties I got sucked into a Gym membership with this "automatic renewal" idea. I ended up having to pay an entire year for not cancelling membership soon enough. At that time I was so pissed I vowed to never give my hard earned money to anyone using this kind of tactic. This is "jew behavior". Utter bullshit.

The Truth Movement is now Professional! What progress.