Saturday, November 14, 2015

PressTV's special coverage of Paris terror attacks with Pepe Escobar and Eric Draitser


Amerikaner said...

European countries have absolutely got to start making common sense immigration laws and putting them into practice immediately. Deportations need carrying out as well. France has the most non-European/Muslim immigrant population of any other European country. Britain is the second worse off in this regard. The French have legitimate ethnic interests just as people of all other countries do. This doesn't mean France needs to be 100% white. But it does mean it needs to always be around 90% white. Front Nationale!

El Buggo said...

Re: it needs to always be around 90% white

Your idea will not fly for very long. I cannot any longer see that it is possible to maintain such a precise ratio in the long run. Only the extreme alternatives are valid; either they stick to the principle France for the French, or they will subscribe to one or another version of France for everybody. Just give it some time, and France will no longer be France. You may not prefer either of these options, but those are the options we have. Your "moderate" version is unfortunately nothing more than wishful thinking, unfortunately.