Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Rescued Russian pilot says he received no warning from Turkish Air Force


Negentropic said...

I don't know yet if this was staged or done for real (why do any of this shit for real when it's so goddamn easy to stage them?) but I do know already that it's total BS.

Jews are obviously going to use their puppet Putin to bitch-slap & house-train the Turks for getting uppity and not saying "how high?" whenever Jews said "jump," in last decade or so. The Jews are famous for holding long, sometimes even centuries long, grudges. The Turk ship Mavri Marmara and its mission to Palestine with Ken O'Keefe from 2010, just for starters, ring a bell?

Their goal is to completely make illegal all criticism of Jews everywhere in the world, but their current cross-hairs are on America.

Of course, 99% of the alt-media jackasses are too busy eating Jew-bait to have any idea where the hook is coming from.

With Putin, they used the anti-immigration/pro-Christian-Russia carrot and the related anti-gay-propaganda carrot to get them to go over the cliff on thought crimes legislation and holohoax denial laws. So the Jews are safer in Russia than they are in the USA, since anybody that exposes even the biggest of their laws gets thrown into a Russian dungeon (U.S. prisons are country-clubs compared to the 50 people to a cell medieval nightmares which are Russian prisons held over from the wonderful days of Putin's old pals, the KGB)

And they're going to do a similar Putin limited-hangout bait-&-hook con-game on the completely degenerate and gullible goys in America by using the anti-immigration bait of their agent Trump. Once he gets in office, he will pass for his Jew buddies holohoax denial thought-crimes legislation in the USA and the dumbass Americans will accept the 12 inch kosher kabasa shaft up their collective butts with open arms (and cheeks, lol).

And that will be beginning of the end of America.

Web-sites like Mami's will be shut down and everyone associated with them who opens their mouths gets to join Arthur Topham in a cell, and if they've really pissed off Jews, maybe in a cell with a 300 pound lifer named "Bubba."

Sound good, Trump and Putin fans? Keep dreaming that they're on your side. Trump is the bait that Jews need to hook the conservative Americans into stomping on the First Amendment. Which they will do gladly, once Trump makes a pretense of closing borders and keeping illegal immigrants out. Meanwhile the most basic of American freedoms will be a thing of the past.

What a bunch of idiots.


Negentropic said...


anybody that exposes even the biggest of their lies, not "laws"

Negentropic said...

We Are Wolves

4. The Goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock? ...

5. There is also another reason why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising to give back all the liberties that we have taken away from them; just as soon as we have defeated what we claim are the enemies of peace and have everyone under control...

6. It is not worth saying anything about how long they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties...

7. Why have we invented this whole policy and cunningly inserted it into the minds of the Goy without giving them any chance to examine its underlying meaning?

And why have we taken such a roundabout way to obtain things for our scattered tribe (of Jews)? Well, because we couldn’t have done it directly.

This has served as the basis for our organization of secret Freemasonry which is not known to, and has aims which are not even so much as suspected by, the Goy. These Goy cattle are attracted by us into the "show" army of Masonic lodges in order feel superior to, and look down upon their fellow Goys.

8. God has granted to us, His Chosen People, the gift of spreading ourselves widely throughout the world. To most people this appears to be our weakness. But as it happens, this has brought forth our strength and we are now on the threshold of sovereignty over the entire world.

9. There is not much remaining for us to do in terms of building up the foundation which we have laid for our plans.

The blessing of tranquility, even though it is a tranquility forcibly brought about by centuries of strife, will highlight the benefits of our system of government, and we shall point out these benefits. The errors of the Goyim governments will be depicted by us in the most explicit manner.

We shall implant such an abhorrence of them that the peoples will prefer tranquility in a state of serfdom to those overemphasized rights of freedom which have tortured humanity and exhausted the very sources of human existence; sources which have been exploited by a mob of rascally adventurers who don’t know what they’re doing...

Worthless changes in types of government, which we forced on the Goyim when we were undermining their state structures, will have so wearied the peoples by that time, that they will prefer to suffer anything under us rather than run the risk of again enduring all the misery and strife they have already been through.

Negentropic said...

from Protocol #15 – Ruthless Suppression

5. The classes of people who most willingly enter into secret societies are those who live by their wits, the career-seeking types, and in general, mostly light-minded people, with whom we shall have no difficulty in dealing with and in using to wind up the mechanism of the machine devised by us.

If this world grows agitated it is because we have had to stir it up in order to break up its too great solidarity. But if a plot should arise in its midst, then the person in charge of that plot will be none other than one of our most trusted servants.

It is natural that no one else other than us should lead Masonic activities, for we know where we are heading; we know the final goal of every type of activity. Whereas the Goyim have knowledge of nothing; not even of the immediate effect of an action. They usually only consider the momentary satisfaction which comes from the accomplishment of their thoughts. They don’t notice that their thoughts didn’t arise from their own initiative but from ideas which we planted in their heads...

rodin said...

Nothing to argue with there Neg. How I see it too.

Erik Paul said...

The parasite has now ineradically rooted and thoroughly metastasized itself. The only question left is whether or not the host will survive.