Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Graham Hart Show 2015.10.27

The Lost episode
(Sound quality is not great but you get used to it after a few minutes)

Guest: Peter from Germany
  • Nukes do not exist
  • Netanyahu's BS and Palestine
  • Jew Jew Jew Jew, Jew Jew Jew Jew...Elite Jew?
  • Holocaust BS
  • Pedophilia
  • The tsunami of immigration
  • Government agencies are corporations
  • Official offer etc
  • (Thanks to Martin)
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El Buggo said...

Holly Crap! Max Igan has become a nuke hoax believer!

Asskickfilms said...

Max said, he isn't sure...yet; to be fair to Max.

rodin said...

He just stopped being a nuke believer

tag said...

If there are no nuclear bombs, and that would be nice, but then presumably there are no nuclear power stations and the electricity comes from where? - low paid immigrants riding banks of bicycles with dynamos??

El Buggo said...

Tag, I do not dispute N-power. One thing is whether this exotic metal may heat up. Something completely different is whether this stuff will explode big time. I'm basically in agreement with Anders Bjorkman - The atomic bomb hoax 1945-2015:

tag said...

@ El Buggo Thanks for the link, I'll look into it

I don't discount the no-nuke theory altogether, after all it turns out that virtually everything else we have been told and tend to believe explicitly is largely smoke and mirrors.

It's fairly clear that the Rockefeller/Rothschild nuclear industry was designed to produce long lasting lethal waste rather than safe cheap efficient power.

Thorium / liquid salt reactors, a way of producing cheap energy and totally safe waste, were banned by a Jimmy Carter executive order in the '70's for a reason.

I can attest to this personally inasmuch as I had a chance meeting with the project leader on his way to America to plea his case, and told me about it.

I do understand there is a difference between reliably producing a big explosion on demand and producing a steady form of power.

One flaw in the no-nukes theory would seem to be the eyewitnesses at Nagasaki and/or Hiroshima who described only one single plane at high level, preceding the single explosion/flash, and not a fleet of bombers carpet bombing as was mentioned in the show.

Erik Paul said...

The bombs dropped on Japan were not "nukes," they were A-bombs or atomic bombs. They worked on the principle of atomic fission and their yield was equivalent only to several kilotons of TNT.

H-bombs, thermonuclear or nukes worked by the completely different principle of nuclear fusion and were orders of magnitude more powerful than A-bombs and were not tested until eight years later.

The latter could be a hoax especially considering who "developed" them.

El Buggo said...

Thanks tag,

Just have a look at how packed with jews this story was - LIST OF JEWS ASSOCIATED WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ATOM BOMB:

Also have in mind, all we know about Hiroshima came from these totally controlled sources, and everybody else regurgitated their story (or script):

United States Atomic Energy Commission
United States Strategic Bombing Survey
The British Mission to Japan
The Joint Commission for the Investigation of the Atomic Bomb in Japan.
The Naval Technical fission to Japan.
And the controlled opposition:
Wilfred Burchett, journalist who wrote the first report from Hiroshima.
David Goodman, independent journalist and co-author of "The Exception to the Rulers."

The Hiroshima eyewitness are exactly as credible as the lolohoax witnesses, ie, Irene Zisblatt et al. Here is one example; survivor didn't hear the explosion because she was in the middle of it (WTF?). She witnessed (ie saw) victims carrying both their eyeballs in their hands, etc. It is so bad you have to see it to believe it I guess:

Some simple calculations on how many planes were required for firebombing Hiroshima:

How they could have organized the bombing mission of Hiroshima – more than 1 plane:

Radiation in general is also a terrible overstated hazard. As I understand it, no adverse health effects have been demonstrated below 200mSv/year. I subscribe to the Radiation Hormesis Hypotesis. Wikipedia state that case quite OK. Look it up if interested.

N-power is a gigantic political cesspool. Policy doesn't make sense to me at all - it is more or less chaos and hysteria.

El Buggo said...

Erik - No crater in Hiroshima – panorama:

Erik Paul said...

Barometric trigger. Airburst.

I think the low yield A-bomb is believable but the H-bombs may be flaming hyperbolic bullshit.

El Buggo said...

Erik - so there isn't any specific traces on the ground after the biggest explosion in the history of war? Really?

The three story Bank of Japan building with a flat roof, survived the REPORTED nuke explosion right above, and is still standing there today:

A flat roof, build to keep the rainwater out, will protect us against nuke bombs?