Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Graham Hart Show 2015.11.10

Guest: Charles Giuliani
  • Graham and Martin discuss who and what the Jews are before Giuliani joins the call
  • The hypocrisy of most religious people
  • Charles goes into his usual bible bashing
  • Graham and Charles talk about the Jews
  • Hate speech laws
  • Freemasons
  • (This show should have been four hours long) lol
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rodin said...

Best comment on flat Earth ever lol

Anonymous said...

Regarding Charlie's interview with Ralph Epperson, and how he hung up during the interview, without Charlie realizing it, after Charlie kept pressing him on the Jewish issue, I had listened to it, and Epperson makes a real untenable claim.

He kept claiming that once you become a Mason, you're no longer Jewish, with the same argument that once you become a Mason, you're no longer Christian.

Even taking his claim seriously, one still retains their Jewish ethnicity even if they abandon their Jewish religion. He kept saying how you become a Satanist when you get into the higher levels of Masonry, but there's no reason that you would suddenly give up your in-grained Jewish tribalism.

Dr. Stan Monteith bought into the same notion, as if somehow Jewish ethnic interests go out the window when you become a Satanist.

You will still see tribalist Jews favour fellow Jews, and it's not because the Devil told them to do it!

tag said...

"Zionism" is only one bit of the "Jew" puzzle, that's why it's not registering on the masses, a fuller understanding of the Satanic cults of the Sabbatean, Donmeh and chabad lubavitch, Episcopalian, Jesuits, and Catholics etc, are all needed to paint a usable picture of the problem.

The Sabbatean's are key since their motto is "blessed is he who permits the forbidden", they consistently murdered, sold their children and wives into prostitution, lied and stole to get ahead and their plan is ultimately to convert all "Jews" to Islam

Also it would help if folk knew about the monkey and banana social control experiment, where monkey's are confined in a cage with a hanging banana. When any single monkey reaches for the banana [truth] they group is sprayed with water until the whole group is so traumatized that if a monkey even shows curiosity the group turns on them [self-policing]
The monkeys are gradually replaced and eventually the whole group of monkeys that have never been sprayed with water, or even seen a hanging banana, will still attack a monkey that even approach the place where the banana once was.

Another key experiment that was introduced into wider society is the 60's Millgram experiment, where they found that people would be much more likely to oppress another and inflict pain if a white coated authority figure told them it was kosher to do so.

Here's the kicker though - They then found that being given authority to inflict pain produced a mega-flood of Serotonin, a feel good hormone, and it was noticed that white people were much more innately resistant to inflicting pain, even when rewarded with this flood of Serotonin, and even when an authority figure told them it was kosher, or even a really good thing to do, but that conversely non-whites were much, much more likely to go along with it.

It is this factor, among others, such as a generally higher IQ and a stronger sense of independence, deep appreciation of altruistic cooperation, respect for life, and a tendency to be more unpredictable experimenters, compared to most other races generally, that makes whites much less desirable to a deranged establishment based on the evils of pain, hate and slavery.

If you think about it, psychopaths in power need to be surrounded by the predictable, ignorant, narcissistic and the morally weak in order to maintain their power and influence: And whites that are often unpredictable, with the spine to speak out, the intelligence to explain what's wrong and the will to oppose; it seems typically can't help but to make the rest attack them for daring to reach for the banana.