Friday, November 6, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.11.06

Jim Dean on VT scoop: "Bombing of Russian plane highly probable"

What really happened to that Russian airliner? Don't ask lying mainstream outlets. Instead, tune in to Truth Jihad Radio...and read Veterans Today, whose coverage of this likely state-sponsored terrorist outrage has scooped the competition.

Today's guest is VT Editor Jim Dean, co-author (with Gordon Duff) of today's masterpiece of real investigative journalism:

Exclusive Breaking Story: Bombing of Russian Plane “Highly Probable” 

As VT has pointed out, many if not most jetliner crashes are state-sponsored terrorism - generally by "the usual suspects" i.e. the New World Order axis of...well "evil" isn't inaccurate. (I hope David Frum doesn't sue me for plagiarism.) And this one is no exception. It's obviously aimed at sending a message to Putin, whose intervention in Syria has shifted the global balance of power.

Dean and Duff write:

"Was the downing of the Russian passenger plane done to push Putin into making a mistake, perhaps scuttling the Vienna deal and the Minsk accords and, perhaps even the Iran nuclear deal as well? If Putin reacts to this outrage, seemingly perpetrated by US allies operating under protection of NATO, what can Obama do if Putin decides to push back hard? The choices are simple, Russia turns the other cheek, Russia hits back openly or surreptitiously or this takes the world to DEFCON 1 in a flash."

Jim Dean says Putin's smartest move would be to not react...just keep winning. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Why would ANYONE pay attention to ANYTHING said by Gordon Duff about ANYTHING?

Just sayin' if someone dabbles in excrement then one is tainted so ....

Kind of keeps me from exploring this guy's work simply by power of association.

Oona Craig said...

Veterans Today -- controlled opposition. Bunch of army psyops wretches.