Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Washington Post Confirms: ISIS Supplied Via Turkey, a US Excuse to Seize Syria

For months - if not years - those looking at ISIS and Al Qaeda territory in Syria can see, flowing like a river, their support has originated in NATO-member Turkey. The most recent Washington Post article all but admits that is the case, but claims it can only be stopped by holding Syrian territory. It is clear however, that NATO, Turkey, and the US possess the ability but intentionally lack the will to stop this flow before it enters Syria - specifically to create a pretext to invade. 
Russia is already legally operating in Syria, under invitation by the Syrian government itself. The US has no such authorization from Syria, or the UN, and its activities in Syrian airspace and on Syrian soil are illegal. As such, the Russians and their Syrian counterparts have no obligation to avoid operating in areas the US is attempting to create defacto "no-fly-zones" and "safe zones" in. Furthermore, could Syria and Russia marshal further support from a wider front of allies, their own international force could enter and permanently occupy these areas targeted by the US to prevent America's illegal occupation. 
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