Monday, December 14, 2015

False Flag Islamophobia Conference 12/12/2015

Kevin Barrett, Brandon Martinez, Anthony Hall, and Gearoid O Colmain discuss the Paris attacks on the False Flag Islamophobia web conference hosted by No Lies Radio(Show-page).



Scorpio said...

It's strange, I've heard Kevin Barrett bemoan how poor he is, yet he seems to be able to afford flying to Paris every few months. Brandon Martinez was a strange pick to be part of the Islamophbia discussion. (Whatever Isamophobia is supposed to mean. Is that like homophobia?) because he was quite the Islamophob for many years, even expressing abject hatred of the moon worshipping/black cube religion. Not long ago, BM was a white nationalist and now, somehow, he is featured on Press TV of all places. Very strange, imo. Barrett seems rational, until he starts talking shop about his goofy religion.

tag said...

Islam deserves no free pass, however clumsy the false flags designed to promote Islamophillia

Woman Who Was Raised Muslim Just Dropped Truth Bomb About Islam EVERY Lib MUST See
“If you fall for this jihadist self-betterment crap,” she said in anger, “you deserve anything that comes to you.”

Unfortunately this film contains many dubious false flag clips, but the basic problem it identifies is sound
By The Numbers - The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics