Thursday, December 24, 2015

False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Prof. Tony Hall 12/24/2015

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1776blues said...

Oh no, did Fetzer and Barrett split after their recent on show spat? Robert on Incendiary radio played the clips and it was hilarious. I'm going with they did split up. Maybe the not so happy couple can do couples therapy???

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Fetzer supports Anal Sex, Berrett is not a Big fan of Anal.. Yes they Split,, LOL

What is Puzzling to me is, This Tony Hall guy looks like maybe he is a Fan of Anal with them Blue Anal glass's advertisement???

FYI: I support Barretts stance on Sodomy,, But I do support Fetzers work on many issues!! Just Not Anal Poop Dick ..LOL

Marry X

Zeetip said...

FFWN's producer put up an explanation of the KB/JF breakup in the YT description of the Dec 17 FFWN show,

^ that show remains up at YT, but "mysteriously", that FFWN with Barrett & Gordon "40% Disinfo" Duff disappeared from the primary FFWN sources,

^ you'll find a DIFFERENT 12/17 FFWN posted at those sources with KB & AHall; but they seem to want to memory-hole that OTHER show KB & G40%DD did also dated 12/17 linked above, where you find the FFWN producer's explanation of the KB/JF breakup. I *suspect* they regret doing this show, coz G40%DD has such piss poor street cred among the real TM, for his widely known "40%" admission, not to mention his admission to "having some joosh in his famiily."

Zeetip said...

Here's what FFWN Producer posted @

Streamed live on Dec 17, 2015
Note to our loyal viewers from No Lies Radio:
If you have been watching our recent shows it is obvious that Kevin and Jim have developed irreconcilable differences and as a consequence things simply blew up: Kevin fired Jim and Jim quit. They cannot work together anymore. Jim is moving on with some new shows of his own. Kevin will continue to anchor False Flag Weekly news with a variety of national and international guest anchors to give brand new perspectives on the news we report. We at No Lies Radio appreciate the service that Jim gave to this show and wish him well with his new shows. JUST TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT...HERE IS THE GIST OF WHAT HAPPENED:

On December 10th Kevin, a Muslim, arrived in Paris, a city consumed with fear of Muslims from the November 13th false flag attack wrongly attributed to Muslims, to do his False Flag Islamophobia conference on December 12th which we live streamed. Indefinite detention and arrests of Muslims are ongoing as he arrived and police with machine guns are in the streets, however Kevin was courageous enough to brave all that to present his conference showing how Muslims have been framed with false flag attacks. We did not know if the conference would be censored or Kevin would be arrested. He arrived in his hotel just before the December 10th False Flag Weekly News was to air and asked to join his show. Jim was reluctant to allow him on the air but finally agreed. (Note: Kevin never told Jim that he would not be doing the show). Then Jim spent over half of the show presenting justifications for the public's support for Trump's call for a ban on Muslims in America., including that Muslims, like Kevin, who left the country should not be allowed back in. Trump also proposed creating a database of American Muslims, surveilance of Mosques, not allowing Muslims immigration into the country, etc. All of Trump's proposals remind me of Hitler and are of course in violation of the first amendment and they affect Kevin and his family directly. While Jim is doing his presentation putting Trump in a favorable light he is barely allowing Kevin to counter his argument. 2 days after the show was over Kevin asked Jim: “Were you justifying Trump's 'ban Muslims' comments? Yes/no” Jim answered: “I think a temporary ban 'until we figure out what's going on' is on the right track.” Then Kevin replied: “ are dead in my heart further communication, ever.”. (this sounds like a firing to me). At the same time, Kevin also told me that Jim was fired. The next day Jim wrote me: “I will be leaving FFWN...” (this sounds like a quiting to me). ___ Allan Rees. I am the technical producer for False Flag Weekly News.


The False Flag Islamophobia Conference was Live Streamed from Paris on Saturday , December 12th. Click the link below to watch the archive.