Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ognir's TiU Radio podcast 12/23/2015

Ognir discusses many important things as he goes through his tweets from January 2015.


Ognir's The Information Underground




Ognir said...

Larry, Larry who the f*ch is Larry
Have a listen here, SH and more with Charles G

One has to wonder why his comments were always deleted here

However, he says "you know" "om" all the time
Marlowe will be along shortly with a few paragraphs


Erik Paul said...

Marlowe isn't that bad. Just don't tell Negentropic or we could get frikin buried.

Amanda said...

Here's Larry's youtube channel:

He deserves a lot of credit for listening to hours and hours of boring meetings on SH and uploading important excerpts.

zapoper said...

You guys are being played big time with this obvious SH divide and conquer BS. Wake the fuck up ffs!

It's been what, two years and a half? Doesn't it remind you of another dead horse? 9/11 maybe?

By 2021 I'm sure that everyone will agree that SH was an alien operation and they'll have the saucers to prove it.

Astroturfing the moronic musings of the usual suspects.

larry said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaa, really? Aaaaaaaaa, maybe you should check out your own show aaaaaaaaaa. Are you serious? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ognir said...

Not so sure Zap if I agree with you
Look at the opposition

Piper dead
Mark Glenn absolutely refuses to accept Johnstein's own words, says it's a metaphor
Pozner Known
Johnstein Known

That leaves DS and cw wade
According to Larry, wade shares PO Box with lenny

My question is if they share the same synagogue as well

Look me up in Skype (ognir3)


Zeetip said...

Og, you lost me in that comment:

MG/Johnstein's words/metaphor?
Poz/KJ "Known" ?

Anyway, it's a given that part of the satanists' agenda in their flipping a handful of once-reputable "Truther KOLs", perhaps bribing/blackmailing/coercing those who weren't already "deep cover assets"; is to WEDGE & DIVIDE the TM-- both the joo-wise and other-wise components, based on the TM "followers" allegiances to their favorite TM KOL personality(s) rather than their exercising independent critical thinking.

But it appears to me that all that's resulted from the satanists' "wedge the TM" campaign via their synthetically fabricated "disagreement over sandy hoax", is that their selected cabal of flipped "Anti-SH-Truth KOL" assets have become isolated & discredited has-beens; similar the fate of the '70s show Happy Days, after The Fonz "Jumped the Shark".

Even the satanists' boiler-room internet forum astroturfing flunkees who try to puff up the appearance of "support" by pooping-up sandy hoax truth discussions with fake "grass roots" comments supportive of the Anti-SH-Truth KOL assets' joospew, have been totally lame & ineffective, to wit:

^ ("Flowers Peaches's" comment) = totally bankrupt of any intelligent "content"; just pure ad-hom/name-calling joospew.

The satanists' frustration that their "Wedge the TM via Sandy Hoax" op has been a flop is palpable, as evidenced by their resorting to more desperate measures IE removing "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" from amazon after their 1-star "review" astroturfing campaign against the book was a laughably transparent failure; and their firing Dr. James Tracy from Florida Atlantic University in spite of his tenure there.

Og you got a PM at the last site. ^

Scorpio said...

I think the real issue here is the concept of media fakery/hoaxes. There seems to be a faction of 'big name' hosts/bloggers who find the concept to be fallacious and insist on calling others 'hoaxers' - to ridicule the very idea that such things exist. I don't care to get caught up in the minutia and details of SH because there are many other events (hoaxes) which the media helped perpetuate the official story without question. Using the derogatory term 'hoxers' is a deliberate attempt to steer people away from considering such ideas. Admittedly, it's hard to come to grips with the concept of media fakery because of our pre-programming to think otherwise...but once you see it, there's no turning back.

Without getting caught up in details, does anyone here really believe the official narration of 9-11 or the Bostoon Bhombing™ ?? If not, you are a 'hoaxer'.

Zapoper's point is well taken. I believe that several factions of 'big name' hosts/bloggers have been put into place and then set against each other to create perpetual fighting. As I've stated before, don't trust ANY big name hosts and be a follower of no one. That's my two cents anyway....

Zeetip said...

Scorpio: "...and insist on calling others 'hoaxers' - to ridicule the very idea that such things exist."

The satanists' invention of their new label "hoaxers", memetically-engineered/groomed from its inception to be derogatory, an epithet; is a perfect example of their all time favoritest lying technique: FLIP THE SCRIPT & PROJECT. Invert reality 180 degrees; where the villain/evildoer/victimizer describes their own evil to a 'tee'; then loudly and repeatedly projects it onto their victim. At the same time, the victimizer describes their victim's innocence & virtuous qualities to a 'tee', and reverse-projects it onto themselves, loudly & repeatedly.

Check Joowathon Kay's book, "Among the Truthers." He perfectly describes the mental maladies enslaving "the sheeple" into staunchly believing whatever "fraudulent reality" the JooSpew Media (JSM) reports; so much that said sheeple violently reject Truth even when proof is laid out for them in the most bulletproof manner. Then, Kay PROJECTS these mental maladies onto the "conspiracy theorists" or "truthers" or the satanists' latest epithet which they've got their Anti-SH-Truth KOL assets all parroting like a choir: "hoaxers." Meanwhile of course, satanist-asset Joowathon Kay REVERSE-PROJECTS the honesty & virtuous truth-seeking qualities of "truthers" onto themselves and onto those sheeple who obediently 'volunteer' to stay inside the satanists' JSM mind cage.

The sheeple can recognize little lies; coz they commit them themselves here and there. But a perfect "180 Degree Inversion Big Lie"?? It's beyond the average sheeple's "field-of-plausibility vision." -h/t to Hitler.

So what 'label' do we find the REAL "Sandy Hook Hoaxers" projecting onto their SH truth researcher opponents, loudly & repeatedly? Mmm Hmm.

And WHO do we find loudly & repeatedly reverse-projecting their opponents' qualities onto themselves; portraying themselves as being honest, outside-the-box researchers who are being victimized by unjust smears & persecution? Mmm Hmm.