Saturday, December 19, 2015

Spingola Speaks 12/18/2015

Deanna talked about Wolfgang Halbig and Sandy Hook and a little bit about what she perceives as a huge damage control operation to conceal what is actually happpening to the youth of the US. Links for this program: Halbig Notes:, Questions for Halbig:, School Shootings:, Psych Drugs:,  FAERS:
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SatanicJewsClues911 said...

This lady shows all the signs of being Mentally Ill,, Not a Joke, This lady is Mentally Ill.

I would say she suffers from: Schizophrenia brain disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally.

It is also clear that she has been suffering from some kind of infectious Virus like Encephalitis, caused by the herpes simplex virus. Notice she is always Sick!

Encephalitis affects the frontal lobes which are responsible for controlling emotions and behavior.

Time to locate & call the Chicago Police department for a Welfare check on Deanna,,

Ognir said...

at least that nutjob johnson wasn't on this one

More garbage very very hard to listen to, attacks on Halbig, playing old calls
Please save us and these folks calling us hoaxers

F*ck'em, pointless, retarded


Erik Paul said...


"Retarded" is such a hurtful word (think of all those short-bus kids).

Couldn't you have used a gentler more clinical sounding term like, say, "brain-damaged?"

Ognir said...

Me bad

Drew Carter said...

Deanna's Research record stands on it's own. Please note that Alex the Mouth and 40% of the "alternative controlled media" including Fetzer are now into Muslim Trashing. The J word never comes out of their mouths. Sandy Hook is a honey pot.. for idiots! If You want to champion idiots like Fetzer .. have fun. Deanna's record stands. Sandy Hook is so inconsequential in the big picture!

Amanda said...

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Drew, You are a great Example of a Deanna Worshiper!
Deanna's Mindless dogma on Sandy sure sucks in them single lonely aged White Males...

Bet if you put a plug in Fetzers mouth in a dark Bed Room, you Couldn't Tell The Difference Between Deanna & Fetzer!

The "J" word LOL.

t brad said...

What gets me is i used to listen to spingola untill her sell out with sandy hook nose coming out. i always thought it was strange that she promotes good health (which is a good thing) but she seems to be always sick....i don't get it. wonder if she puts cream and sugar in her coffee enemas she always talked about?

Amanda said...

Sandy Hook 'Dad' David Wheeler (professional actor) CAUGHT Playing FBI/SWAT cop guy

Erik Paul said...

OMG t Brad!! Deanna has been butt-chugging Starbucks?!

Oona Craig said...

The ad hominem attacks on Deanna by these obscenity-spewing hasbara trolls are disgusting.

Flowers Peaches said...

Thanks Deanna, you have the truth, ignore the trolls!

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Oona Craig, What's Disgusting is your cognitive dissonance..
Do you have the ability to Think on your own, or do you need to be Spoon Fed a dish of Deanna on every issue?
So now anyone that Questions the all Holy Deanna is a JEW?

It is so Obvious just by the reaction of the Government & Mentally Blind people that sandy hook was a Drill..

Maybe you and Deanna can hold hands and look up the "Smith-Mundt act, and tell everyone that
the US Government would never sell Propaganda as Legitimate news to the American Lemmings!

That lady is getting Payed on this Sandy issue or She is Suffering from Mental Illness!
Half/Jew Obama has 162 Mass shooting under his belt in 7 years,, Are YOU Blind, WTF Really.

TROLLS... :)

larry said...

Keith Johnson is Jewish. I don't know why this is such awful information that my comment keeps being deleted. Here is the video where he says it himself

Ognir said...

So johnson is a jew
lenny pozner another one
cw wade sounds like and fights like one

Sandy Hook and the jewish angle 3 years later

Colin said...


Ognir said...

"Flowers Peaches tried to troll the comment on the post "Spingola Speaks 12/18/2015":
larry, prove Keith Johnson is a jew.
Ognir and you believe it without proof? C'mon!
You guys are getting desperate haha"

Listen peaches, if Mrs. Kaufman's son said his mother was a jewess, that's good enough for me.

Cheers Larry for the find, good stuff.

Now what is interesting is we have an anti-zionist, holohoax revisionist joining up with fellow jews milking Sandy Hook for every shekel.

Don't just look at the video at the 12:40 mark, go back a few minutes and listen to keith johnstein NOT DISCUSS his Israel/jewish postion, as he said in his own words, it's none of our business.

Wow there you go, so from being a hard hitting revisionist knowing they lied about absolutely everything in WW2 yet he believes the Gov SH version.

I'm still calling deanna spingola a liar. She was asked point blank by some UK host did she know anything about the jewish blood moon and she said no, didn't know a thing about it,

Only a matter of time before cw wade is outed as another jew and that only leaves DS

Where is DS, got nothing to say?


larry said...

The entire event is awash in Jews, it's not just the debunkers. Municipal, state, federal, even the school and so caled victims families, all packed with Jewish participants. The sandy hook commission, the privacy commission, packed to the gills with Jews. And almost every piece of gun control legislation for past 40 years almost all Jews. It happened on the first day of hannukah for christs sake. It's a Jew event all the way.

larry said...

I'll be on Charles Giuliani on Wednesday detailing this.

Flowers Peaches said...


I retracted my statements. I confused this with another youtube video. After listening to it he did in fact admit that he is jewish on his mothers side (Kaufman). Even more shocking to me is that he does not subscribe to a zionist conspiracy!

While it does not change my position on Sandy Hook or Deanna, that really made my heart sink. In the end Jews are as thick as thieves and he will look out for his own.

Ognir said...

Cheers Larry
You got a good mention on tonight's show


SatanicJewsClues911 said...

I'll be on Charles Giuliani on Wednesday detailing this.

I will be there! Kick Azz!!

A J MacDonald Jr said...

Michael Collins Piper and Deanna Spingola - Disinformation in the Truth Movement

larry said...

By the way, I don't know if cw Wade is a Jew, but he is an unemployed girls softball coach who is no longer allowed in that position for some reason.

Ognir said...

Larry just came back to post the following

Since Halbig lost the court case and I've asked several times, what is wade's real name, berg, stein etc

No answer of course from that useless POS halbig

Larry tells us more about what you found


Amanda said...

Good info on the Pozners:

Turns out Veronique Pozner is not a nurse who lives in CT, as we were told in the official jewish MSM version of Sandy Hook, but instead she's a legal counselor for the Swiss Embassy in DC

Ognir said...

"she's a legal counselor for the Swiss Embassy in DC"

I thought that was old news already, the Swiss embassy gig I'm not sure I'd buy that either

but she's got a well paid full time job now along with the other millionaires in SH