Sunday, December 20, 2015

Spingola Speaks 12/19/2015

Deanna's guest was Dennis Wise, also known as Truth Will Out, the producer of the very popular Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told!

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Scorpio said...

Hitler and Sandy Hook - The lifeblood of Spingola. (yawn)

tag said...

@ scorpio - “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who do not believe it.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Scorpio said...

"There's a sucker born every minute" - P.T. Barnum

BTW, Gandhi drank his own urine.

Ilya Ehrenberg said...

Apparently urine is good for you in ayurvedic medicine - but you must be a veggie for this to work. Since I eat meat, I never took this path. I believe it should be the first pee of the day.

On topic - I disagree with Deanna on Sandy Hook as a real event but am glad she has been brave enough to tell the other side of the Hitler story. Listening to her broadcasts on this topic and other revisionist topics was helpful to me in understanding the current world we live in.

tag said...

Last two months Spingola's subjects
WWII Revision
Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook
WWII Revision
Paris ISIS
Paris ISIS
Sandy Hook
WWII Revision
Arthur Topham
WWII Revision
WWII Revision
Race War

Erik Paul said...

Jan Irvin was a piss drinker a while back and even got Joe Rogan to try it.

Now jan likes his Bulletproof coffee.

Ognir said...

Amazing Spingola believes they faked the moon landings
SH not at all

cognitive dissonance

1776blues said...

I don't see a problem with people believing one event and not another. Because they do doesn't make them a bad person. The herd mentality where everyone is expected to follow the crowd's belief on every event is what the left, liberals, democrats, progressives, commies, and Jews do.

Halbig is a huge red flag and his claim that Obama threw Israel under the bus, his dad was in a Nazi work camp, and his belief in the holocaust doesn't seem to be a problem with the crowd that believes SH was a hoax. He's a scam artist that people have given thousands of dollars to. My Jewdar says he is a liar and could be a Jew himself. His claim of being a Florida State Trooper for 3 years turned out to be less than a year. Troopers do not investigate homicides.

If Halbig has done all the training on school safety at schools across the nation wouldn't you be able to find proof of those online? I can't find one example. The truth movement is being steered into some of the most bizarre claims, which in the end will only make us the laughing stock of the world.

VT Saxon said...

Scorpio promotes tarpley and Craig Paul Roberts ....enough said.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Deanna and Halbig are on the same team,,, Jewish Sleeper Cell Crisis Actors!
Get that Divide and Conquer rolling..

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

VT You are stuttering..

Jlynn Littleberry said...

I don't care about any of the actors and promoters - personalities are NOT the issue (don't fall for that).

I have doubts, reasonable doubts, about Sandy Hook and other promoted happenings that require faith, blind faith, and those promoting these as true, are likely to ignore, or demonize, anyone who dares ask pertinent questions and raises eyebrows in doubts when phony sounding answers are offered.

One question, for example, about Sandy Hook is about the boy who died twice. Try to get a sensible answer - good luck. Another reasonable question about the "man on the moon" is why there are no subsequent clear high-rez photos of the flagpoles and flags allegedly left at the various alleged landing sites. It makes one wonder if maybe there ain't no flagpoles nor flags there, and never were. There are many many more reasonable questions about Sandy Hook and other events being promoted as hard and for-sure events that require anyone who dares ask a reasonable question be dammed to hell and made out to be some kind of a nut.

Again, try to get a sensible answer. A doubter is one who merely holds back accepting claims on blind faith, but, is willing to tentatively accept an event as being true, provided all reasonable issues are sensibly resolved without angst or attempts at demeaning the person asking a question.

Don't fall into the personality bashing game - that will never get you to the bottom of what is actually true and what is just a tall tale (such as the phony "attack", so-called, by the North Vietnamese on an american ship in the Gulf of Tonkin - that, we finally, after 50 - FIFTY! - years, get to know the truth about). Don't be too quick to just swallow whatever story is blasted out over the mainstream air waves - see if reasonable questions get treated reasonably and those asking them seem satisfied with whatever response they get (if they even get a response).

As humans, we are very easily deceived, and, having been deceived, we fight like wildcats against anyone trying to show us the truth. The deception saturates our inner-primordial bone marrow like some kind of highly addictive dope that we just cannot live without.

Do yourself a favor and just hold back being a "believer", and, accept that you really don't know and are willing to wait until there is enough hard facts to be convincing to a skeptic.

Innocent Smith said...

I see Eva Braun is back to Hitler. This woman is a joke. She is not a serious researcher.

Scorpio said...

VT - You have proven yourself to be a liar, yet again. I've never had one good word to say about Tarpley nor have I ever posted anything by him. PCR occasionally has some good information, however, I don't 'promote' him. I think I've posted 2 interviews with him since I've been an admin.

Jlnn Littleberry -- Very insightful comment. Look into the evidence for yourself and don't trust ANY of the 'big names' in the conspiracy biz. We are all on the outside looking in.

Ognir said...

It will be interesting to see how mark glenn plays this
he took this poor little jewish boy under his wing
and made him do holohoax denial videos

But he is recovering now ...

If mr. johnstein doesn't want to tell us his current feelings
on israel and the jews, you can all piss off

Oona Craig said...

What are your thoughts about this proof of crisis actors at Sandy Hook, guys?
Sandy Hook crisis actor playing FBI Swat (

Ognir said...


By GPD on January 6, 2011
V for Zionism

by Keith Johnson for Veterans Today

talk about a honeypot

Ognir said...

Deanna Spingola should be considered a honeypot
RBN, Mark Glenn, anyone that okayed johnstein
all of them need to come up to to the mic

"but I didn't know" wouldn't cut it

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Blogger Oona Craig said... Dec 19 Spingola Speaks 12/18/2015

The ad hominem attacks on Deanna by these obscenity-spewing hasbara trolls are disgusting.

WTF Oona Craig,, Really... Go ask Deanna what she Thinks, We are just a bunch of Disgusting Hasbara Tolls on this side of the fence!

Maybe you should ask Deanna how you can get that Pubic Hair out from in between your teeth also!
From what I have seen over the past 2 years, there is lots of advice from her elderly fans on Spin &

Amanda said...

Looks like a forensic expert has confirmed that Avielle Richman (fake dead Sandy Hook kid) is actually alive-and-well Lenie Urbina:

And if you scroll down a bit, it looks like a couple of the key Sandy Hook hoax players, including lawyer Monte Frank and Curtis Urbina (parent of alive-and-well Lenie Urbina, who sang at the Super Bowl and whose photo was used for fake dead kid Avielle Richman), are actually members of the Congregation Adath Israel. So fake parents Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel (are they jews too?) have been raising $$$$ in their foundation by using the photo of Lenie Urbina, claiming that she is their fake dead kid Avielle Richman, who never actually existed. At the bottom of the page, is info for anyone interested in joining a class action lawsuit against these fraudsters.

Erik Paul said...

I understand that it is now "legal" for the government create synthetic news events for propaganda purposes but it seems that the raising of money by "grieving relatives" of non-existent victims would be actionable.

larry said...

I believe people like Johnson were inserted in the Jew wise movement early on in anticipation of an event like Sandy hook where the Jewish participation would be blatantly obvious. They could then assert that the event was real and hopefully divert their followers from realizing the overwhelmingly Jewish nature of the hoax. Their reputation as "Jew wise" and being unafraid to proclaim their beliefs would also give them legitimacy in the wider truth movement. It failed miserably due to the sheer incompetence of these Mossad shills.

Erik Paul said...

I see the badge of "Jew wise" as the ultimate "Trojan horse" being used by the enemy to infiltrate the truth movement.

For example, you see it being used blatantly by Rebekka Roth and that Flat Earth asshole

Ognir said...

#SandyHookHoax -

YOUTUBE POLICY ; Published on Dec 23, 2015 Questioning Sandy Hook is against community guidelines.

— joseph price (@joeyyeo13) December 23, 2015

So no holocrock, no sandy crock now, lovely

So we have DS and the holocrock and lenny pozner working the sandy crock, great team