Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The last part of one of the greatest matches ever!


Christopher Marlowe said...

This is more interesting when there is beer involved. The fat dutchmen are very good, though.

Zeetip said...

^ funny you say. I got into bar-darts for awhile in my 20s; English themed bar in San Francisco called "Mad Dog in the Fog" mainly but a couple other bars too. I noticed what I dubbed "the beer bell curve", where I'd begin stone-sober and the darts wouldn't fly real well. But my throwing quality gradually rose the left side of the bell curve, as I'd drink the first 2 pints, reaching the top of the curve as I'd be in the toward the bottom of pint 2, top of pint 3. After that, throwing accuracy descended the right side of bell curve. Something to do with the mind & muscle relaxation effect from the alc.