Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Life of Adam

Adam Lanza has been studied, labeled, categorized, mythologized. Like Gumby or Stretch Armstrong Adam has been contorted from super-human to super-killer.

Note: Thanks to Zeetip for posting the link.

Independent Media Solidarity


Allat Goddess said...

so the scum psychologist calim A suffered some kind of autism, when the doctor - scum, also - who originated the term, admitted that there is no such illness.

And in spite of this, they continue to claim autism exists.

Scorpio said...

Your comment is incoherent babble. Please refrain from posting such gibberish in the future. Thanks.

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting. Also, for those interested, Prof Tracy just put up a post dedicated to this documentary http://memoryholeblog.com/2015/12/29/ims-presents-the-life-of-adam/ A lot of the commenters over there have done a ton of in-depth research into this, so in a day or so, there should be a lot of helpful info in the comment section.

Amanda said...

Sort of on topic: http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2015/12/28/hate-mail-sent-to-prof-james-tracy-for-being-a-sandy-hook-skeptic/ (This post is from "Dr. Eowyn" who is also a professor at a US university, but hasn't used his/her real name on all the posts on SH, so he/she isn't under the same kind of attack as Prof Tracy)

larry said...

Thanks Amanda!

Zeetip said...

^ Thx Amanda; I'd've posted the same 2 items, if you hadn't already. :)

Good to see this docu worked in the James Tracy firing event at the last minute, as that only happened beginning 2-3 weeks ago now.

But Anti-SH-Truth KOL Deanna keeps playing the victim, even including four "adverse events" in her SH timeline which had no relationship to the joosh sandy hoax narrative pro or con; in her seeking to fraudulently "infer" that they had something to do with the eeevil underhanded machinations of those of us she disparagingly calls "hoaxers." Well better a "hoaxer" than an Anti-SH-Truth KOL "HOOKER" servicing the satanists, I say!

Regardless, Deanna's remained AWOL wrt answering for herself regarding her pretend-victimhood above, :'( Ref:

AND, insult to injury; it appears Deanna's found yet another angle to PROFIT from SH; with another new sandy hoax book! :(

Colin said...

Lets keep this simple, Adam's pic at age 10 then seven/ten years later .... IMPOSSIBLE!!! ... no person goes from cute kid to DR MOREAU EXPERIMENT .... why don't people ever just use #1 logic to prove this myth? ... A.L. never existed per to O.S.

Zeetip said...

Prof. James Tracy, after being fired from his job in spite of his tenure; now also gets harassed & terrorized in his home, both through USPS and internet/email:


Meanwhile, Delphi-Deanna continues masquerading as a VICTIM, as her sandy hoax profiteering book "Screening...", which she touts as blowing the Big-Pharma Sandy Hoax Cover-Up Operation wide open, even insinuating that honest SH Truth researchers (besides VICTIMIZING her...) might be working for Big Pharma coz we "maintain that SH didn't happen" (thus 'vindicating' pharma LOL)-- her book supposedly exposing the REAL SH COVER-UP namely Big Pharma's guilt, presently enjoys four 5-star reviews at amazon, and is absent ANY 1-star reviews from any "hoaxers" calling out both Delphi and Sandy Hoax!


^ Amazon "Censorship Operation", to use Delphi's (kosher bosses?) imaginative language? We already know amazon's NOT averse to fiddling with the reviews! Ref:


^ Which was eventually, desperately escalated to amazon's OVERT CENSORSHIP of Fetzer&Co's "Nobody Died At Sandy Hook", after the SH perps' 1-star amazon review astroturfing campaign against the book, with amazon's assistance in fiddling with the reviews, was a laughably transparent flop!


By contrast, Delphi's book 'exposing the REAL Big-Pharma SH Cover-Up Operation' LOL, remains happily listed & unmolested at amazon, (ostensibly) enjoying only 5-star reviews... Things that make you go "HMMM."

Emily Peterson said...

A very good post Zeetip, thanks for the links showing your sources.
When will people in the truther movement stop needing to hook their dead brain cells up to a daily fix of these repetitive radio shows and realize that it is all just another shoah: There is NOTHING of importance to be found on the net that is not already in the library. This I promise you. Go to the original authors and read them. You'll find it's articulated much better and without the spin causing confusion of radio hosts. Take your book out into the sun and enjoy it.
I haven't listened to Spingola's shoah in half a decade. I glance to see if she has a guest I might be interested in and I go to THEIR site if need be.
Video's are great to put out or having a web site, but daily radio shows, are doomed to be out of control ego fests! Folks hooked on you listening to the sound of their own voice, best case scenario, but inevitably just more shills.
I mean what does it take....we had known Spingola is married into the military for years before she undeniably exposed her self with SH. That imformation alone SHOULD have been enough to switch her off for god sake!
Oh, but we have to love anyone who talks about the Jews; that makes them "in like Flin" didn't you know?. All this listening to shows, to learn about the Jew, and STILL fooled by this STANDARD Jew trick!
(Is, I believe, my case in point!)

Emily Peterson said...

oops * "in like Flynn" ...sorry Grampa.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

You're right Emily, people here should read the books of Eustace Mullins, Revilo P. Oliver and others like it.

larry said...

Exactly why they hired the crypto Jew Keith Johnson to debunk Sandy hook

Zeetip said...

@ larry, who/what r u directing that reply to? And I like to use "re-bunk" for the satanists' Anti-SH-Truth-KOL's activities; coz sandy hoax has long since been debunked.

Great show with C.Giuliani last week btw.

Ognir's wanted to invite you on to do a podcast, can skype him at ognir3. He said nice things about you in his Dec 20 solo podcast, jump to 23m for top of SH spiel.

@ Emily, thx, and yes reading books is good. DBS/iamthewitness has quite a free PDF/html book library; but hopelessly poorly organized & labeled re the whats & whos & titles & why U should want to read this book etc. I tried to make that a little more accessible a few years ago with this thread with author & book titles & links to amazon listing where you can read summaries & reader reviews. Most are rare, out of print, defacto censored etc.

Emily Peterson said...

Yes Alex, agreed, with Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound you can't go far wrong, a great place to start, thanks.
On another note entirely though, and I certainly hate to say this; but I feel, at some point, though horribly ironical,
it simply has to be said:
After years of reading and contemplation I have found that this Evil Power, synonymous with the Jews, has grown so strong that it cannot be stopped!
Not only can it not be stopped; but it MUST BE allowed to continue it's predestined course:
Until, finally, "It" devours it's self!!
( Just my controversial opinion folks; but a conclusion, however, based on everything I've seen and read.)

Emily Peterson said...

I just saw your post Zeetip, thanks immensely for that info I'll check it out.
Sorry to hear you're pushing Charlse Giuliani though, and still tuning in!Amazing to me! He's anago
lous to a trite tabloid; compared to what you could be ingesting: just there to dumb you down, if not intentionally that is what he is effectually doing. Hopefully we are all entitled to our opinion here. And he's not going to be protected unconditionally, like Satanist Deanna, when I for one was trying to talk about her military connections, used to be protected with lemming censorship.

Scorpio said...

Deanna's military connections? I heard she was in the marines years ago but I've not heard anything else. what other connections?

Emily Peterson said...

Admittedly Scorpio, I cannot give you any verification, so I do apologize for the here say. Seeing as it was a while ago, I have not kept any of the "sources" that were floating around. If however she is, apparently presently, married to someone who is involved in the military it is worth looking into.
What my point partly is: Do you really believe these people doing radio shows daily, addicting all the lemmings to listening to their opinions, that need to be taken with a large pinch of salt; are doing so because they have such huge hearts and unwavering dedication to the truth! Do you think they would give up a day to help you with anything else, truther related or not!
Of course not !!! would have to be the honest answer.
You have to ask yourself, what gets them to that micro phone continually. giving up entire days, weeks ,years ostensibly for you! other than their ego's would have to be maniacal (their opinions just not being that important!), or they are simply compromised or "plants", as shown with Deanna, when she "stood down", on one of the most revealing events to "bring home" to the public since 911.

Emily Peterson said...


Erik Paul said...

What was KJ doing at AFP and what happened between Michael Bernard Piper (not Collins) and Willis Carto, both dead (murdered?). "Kinky Balloon" outed Piper as a light-loafered twink whom Carto took a shine to. Piper decided to align with SPINgola but was still canned by Ms Carto. The plot thickens...

Zeetip said...

@ Emily: your assertion that I'm 'pushing Giuliani', based on my 12:37 PM post above, is a stretch indeed; 'nuf said.

@ Eric Paul: pretty good discussion thread here:
also, straight from Bollyn; CTRL-F word search the names you're interested in:

Piper's 'odd' campaign aimed at destroying Bollyn (CB) was my first clue that MCP was spook-compromised. He had no credible 'ammunition' against CB, yet he'd do whole "destroy CB" shows talking in circles, name-calling ("Kinky Balloon!" oooh, devastating! /yawn), and employing the signature-joowey 'Flip The Script & Project' lying method in claiming CB is gay, providing ZERO evidence... MCP could only keep repeating it. So CB, married with 2 kids is "gay", meanwhile his accuser MCP is a 50-something lifelong bachelor, no kids, alcoholic, living nearly his whole adult life in his little apartment in the heart of Gay-DC. Right-O, Mike. ;)

Eric u said "Piper decided to align with SPINgola"; but it was vice-versa. Delphi Deanna 'officially' joined the satanists' Anti-SH-Truth-KOLs op as of her 1/15/14 solo show, around ~half a year IIRC after MCP's (spook ghost-written) "False Flags" book was published, claiming both S.Hoax & Boston Hoax-A-Thon were real and as the joozmedia purported.
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1937787907 < MCP/CIA's "False Flags" book
first post overviews Delphi's 1/15/14 solo show:

I'd guess Carto died of old age; he was 89 when he died a couple months ago.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Emily Peterson, You have my vote for Best reply on Mami's 2015!


Emily Peterson said...

Thank you very much for that appreciation, and taking the time to post it.

Emily Peterson said...

I apologize Zeetip, for jumping to the conclusion you were pushing C.G. My mistake, please forgive me and thanks again for the great link.

Scorpio said...

Yes, great posts Emily - very insightful. I won't comment further on DS at this time because I've already made my viewpoints abundantly clear.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Emily:Got your Attention with Flattery!
You are not going to slide out of here that EZ,, I have been following you to see what I can learn and to see what makes you Tick.

Looks to me you have given up, Emily Quote: After years of reading and contemplation I have found that this Evil Power, synonymous with the Jews, has grown so strong that it cannot be stopped!

Is this what you Conceived from your worst day?
Taking a Dive because YOU can't stop the slide is not an option, even for the weak!

We can all Go in to a Closet & Roll up in a ball or We can Open ones Eyes to the Sweet Desire of Smashing all that are in ones path!

I sleep well at night, I can see more then ever, Young Warriors, Male & Female of all Races and ages with wide open Eyes and Minds, Swinging for knock outs! Its Near.......

These Young Warriors stand on the shoulders of Many that have passed after planting seeds of wisdom.. Get rid of that Negative Karma and Look.

Emily Ouote: When will people in the truther movement stop needing to hook their dead brain cells up to a daily fix of these repetitive radio shows and realize that it is all just another shoah: There is NOTHING of importance to be found on the net that is not already in the library.
Who the Hell goes to the Library anyway?

Intellectual Thieves still have Value in opening doors,, Hell,, I respect Deanna Spingola's work,, its just when it comes to sandy hook, I get pissed and will go to the mat with her on that!
Alex Jones is the most Valuable player in the movement, more people start their Journey with Alex then with any other mole and slowly the seeds grow and eyes open! What a Deal we have with Alex,, cost Zero $$$!

This Alex Jones mole also show's me that the Powers are Not as smart as some may think!

Now to my defending my Favorite Azz Kicker, "Charles Giuliani",, How could anyone not Love this guy,, He tells it how HE sees it.. Yes he shocked the crap out of my Blind Azz when I heard his Bible rants 4-5 years ago,, but I grew a set and looked at that Rag my self,, Charles tells no lies! I believe Giuliani is Spot on with that Jew Fairy in the sky also, "I AM FREE"! and that's from someone that never read a page of that Bible!

Not all is known, I see White People reaching back to forbidden Culture of the past and grabbing the true Power of Self,, Holy Shit,, its shocking the World in MMA-UFC with Conor McGregor.. Jesus need not Apply, standing alone makes people take notice!!

Sigil said...

I have been following the posts here and yes, indeed they have been excellent.
However, I must disagree with Emily's opinion of the net v/s the library.
For example, I would never have known about Eustace Mullins, The Dresden fire bombings, white genocide in South Africa and so much more had it not been for the net.
These seeds of information can be used for further research at the library. You have to know what you are looking for when you go through the door. Most current events and issues will be history by the time something is in print there.
So is one depository of knowledge superior to the other? I say no. Both have their place and usefulness working hand in hand.

Erik Paul said...

Go to the library, sit down at a computer and go online (of course, Mami's will be blocked).