Monday, December 7, 2015

The Realist Report with John Friend 12/5/2015

John speaks with Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting and Renegade Tribune. Kyle is one of the most articulate and passionate pro-White activists and content producers in the United States. 
They discuss recent developments with Renegade Broadcasting and projects Kyle is working on, the technical advice and support Kyle has provided to John with John's website, and the importance of supporting pro-White independent media outlets.          Show-page



rodin said...

I want a USS Liberty cap

Og said...

it's all about the shekels

Unknown said...

I can't wait til john is 40

Erik Paul said...

John Friend sounds like the quintessential all-American, clean-cut Boy Scout, golly-gee good kid. Is that his real name?

I wonder why MCP apparently didn't like him.

Unknown said...

John Friend is being groomed as one the new generation of shills to replace the tired worn out generation like Alex Jones, David Icke, and most, if not all, of Veterans Today. Friend talks the talk but doesn't walk the talk.

Unknown said...

That not Kyle!

Anonymous said...

John amd Kyle are both doing a great job.

I didn't know until hearing this interview that John was debating IQ Al Rassooli when he was on Jesse Lee Peterson's show.

That Rassooli is a real piece of work, where he outrageously claimed, 6 minutes in to that show, that if you speak out against Jews, no one touches you. So outrageous! We have the recent case of Arthur Topham in Canada who was convicted of wilfully promoting hatred against Jews, despite him writing a satirical book based on a book that actually did wilfully promote hatred against Germans, and his wife is Jewish, which would make his kids Jews by Jewish law, so how could he be *wilfully* promoting hatred against his own children?

It's one thing to go on about Muslims being a big threat, as Rassooli does, but to be wilfully ignorant or lie about obvious organized Jewish power is unforgivable.