Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Won't Someone Think of the Polar Bears?!?



MaryC said...

Here in the UK Fox's Glacier Mints tapped into the polar bear gig at least 30 years before Coca Cola did.

It's a fact that polar bears are the only creatures who actively seek out human beings as prey.

badbeta said...

Your second sentence is pure BS MaryC.

t brad said...

polar bears do not have a depopulation agenda; they just are hungry and will eat anything that is within paws reach, including you. at least that is what my pet polar bear says. can we trust the bitch? i think not. be very afraid of polar bears. they seek revenge as they actively seek out the other white meat.

MaryC said...

badbeta: So is your first sentence.

tbrad: If it's a toss up between me and polar bears, unlike John Kerry et al, I choose me every time.

MaryC said...

Correction: I meant Al Gore rather than John Kerry, though the same probably applies the Kerry as well

badbeta said...

Nothing like doubling down on stupidity MaryC.