Friday, January 15, 2016

Airplanes on a Spherical Earth: Earth Research Challenge.

In about 5 minutes into my presentation all Sphere Earth Theories fall flat. Yes I know that people complain that I make too long of videos, but then I remember that Instagram and SnapChat were created for people who cant read and a popularity contest and have the general public's thought process regress back to picture books with one phrase sentences like in 1st grade Elementary School. Children have a REALLY short attention span.

Its a 35 minute video but if you know me and you've watched some of my videos, you’re going to LEARN A LOT. This is PART 1 of my proofing of engineer Brian Mullens' Data.

SAR 27's You Tube


A View from the Bog


t brad said...

the guy doing this video needs to find a gurl friend.....if nothing else find a dog he can call friend

Chainsawmillerman said...

A gurl friend? Are you 16?

Unknown said...

Internet old timers falling for the CIA-flat-earth hoax? What is wrong with you, guys?

Allat Goddess said...

So why don't you go all the way, and say we're 2-D, then a Hologram?

Might as well, eh?

Notinmyname said...

Why is flat earth nonsense being posted here? I'd rather have rense back lolol