Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Amid Stock Market Panic, Dozens of Chinese Billionaires Are Mysteriously Disappearing

Amid stock market panic in China, many of the country’s most prominent billionaires are disappearing without a trace. This week, Zhou Chengjian, the chairman of the clothing company Metersbonwe became the most recent wealthy Chinese businessperson to go missing. Metersbonwe said in a statement on Thursday that it would be suspending its shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and that they were unaware of Chengjian’s whereabouts. According to Bloomberg, as many as 36 companies reported executives missing from January to September. Just a few weeks ago, Chang Xiaobing, the CEO of the state-owned telecoms giant China Telecom, resigned and then went missing. There were rumors that Xiaobing was taken by police or government agents in a widening corruption investigation that is touching every corner of the Chinese economy. 

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Allat Goddess said...

Have they checked the Deep Underground Bases?

A lot of the Elite are among the missing, too. Haven't heard about Cheney or Bushito or his daddy, either, come to think of it.