Thursday, January 7, 2016

Delcroix Improv 13 Jan 8 2016

Del is joined by Foon1e , Zap ,
Scorpio and Wanda , for a late night chat .


A View from the Bog

Back after a couple Of Years - Del's New Computer Produces a New Improv!  The Flophouse !


Erik Paul said...

When Foon says "exactly" he sounds exactly like Tim Rifat...and I't be.

I also wondered just who the hell is this F-bomb hurling "Wanda" character. Ladies don't talk like that.

Brizer said...

Great stuff. Made me laugh a lot. The boys...and Wanda are back in town!!! And STFU Zap when others are fecker!

Zeetip said...

the sound needed leveling- zap's voice was 1.5x louder than the others; which made his constant interruptions that much more annoying. :( I prolly listened to a little under 1/2, skipping forward a big chunk when the topic didn't grab me.

Was that zap who called into the 3rd hour of Fetcho's show 1-2 saturdays ago, presenting himself as "Top Cat"? Fetch said caller was from Montreal, but mentioned that was a different screen name than usual; and Top Cat had a voice a little like zap's but he spoke faster & with a whole different style from zap's. I wondered if it was zap "reinventing himself" during this time off I've heard he's taking.

Incidentally most recent 5 nights of rense show are posted at now, but after 6+ days ago the shows are deleted... or at least the links go away from, but they're hosted at so the shows are prolly still there.

Zeetip said...

admins, consider posting this new one,"Jim Rizoli Interviews Ben Bradberry: The Myth of German Villainy" - 70 mins:

Bradbury was also on Rense a couple months ago,

zapoper said...

I did not realize that I was cutting off people that much. I must have drank more beers than I thought. I guess I'll be cringing alot if I listen to it.

No. I did not call into Fetcho and pretend that I was someone else. I am not a troll.

Zeetip said...

zap, I believe it was 2-3 saturdays ago (Dec 26 or 19), in case u want to page back through mami's and listen to the 3rd hour. Description reads something about callers taken in 3rd hour, PC-rhetoric etc discussed.

if mamis would use a subject-tag system for its blog entries, you/we wouldn't need to keep clicking "Older Posts" 20/whatever times to find a certain fetch show; we'd just click the "Fetcho" subject tag and a listing of all his shows would result... ;)

Separately, Jim Rizolli also interviewed Bradley Smith ~3 weeks ago, VG: