Monday, January 25, 2016

Yes, 'anal hazing' is a thing in America's high schools ...Sodomy now a rite of passage

Mr & Mrs America: Do YOU Know What Your Children Are Up To?
Not only is it horrendous for those forced to participate, but it is a rite of passage increasingly popular in high schools around the country that would horrify most parents if they were to find out about it.
As reported by The Daily Caller, the practice of anal hazing has become and remains a bizarre ritual in U.S. high schools. In recent years, in fact, there has been an alarming increase in the number of such hazing incidents around the nation that involves mostly high school boys who have sodomized other boys using foreign objects. Dozens of boys have reported being victimized by the practice, and most of the victims are younger students, while the criminal offenders are older.

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telena helotova said...

How prevalent is this? how was info obtained?.what type groups clubs do this? i.e. the4 lettermans club, the key club, chess club, sports club etc.I am having hard time believing it unless these intitiations are related to freemasonic skull and dunderheads type preparastion for doing what you are told and not brteak rulers and be secret.The y must be pretty clueless to put up with t
hat to be a member of a dubious group.I would think most high school males would find it repugnant and out of bounds .butr if they are being manipulaterd into it thsn thay have no berains or self aware mind set to do any of this shit. original idea from one perverted peckeer herad that influences the group .marines have cherry marines as the homo contigent, if you thin kgays are new to military then you not tinking, they been there of course they dont make mistakes of openly being so as thzt would bnot be healthy