Friday, February 5, 2016

Charles Charles Lindbergh Speech Warning America to Stay Out of WWII

Charles Charles Lindbergh speaking before Congress at the dawn of WWII with a dire warning for America: Don't get involved in the war. Interesting journey back in time when Americans still had common sense and sanity. 

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Erik Paul said...

Actually, this speech was made at an America First Committee rally in Des Moines, Iowa on, get this, September 11, 1941 in which CAL publicly called out the Jews for the first time. The SHTF and they came after him with a vengeance and all but ruined the last American hero. (BTW the cornerstone of the Pentagon was laid on that day)

They had already ritually murdered his infant son, Charles Jr, and successfully framed an innocent German carpenter for the crime.

Earlier they had destroyed the career of his father, Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, who valiantly fought against the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

...and things ain't gittin' any better.

Negentropic said...

Erik! You finally made a good post longer than 10 words. More Sativa and grass-fed butter for laser concentration, right now! lol

Lindbergh was, like many famous people, yet another freemason, but, apparently, an honorable and principled one.

Anti-Lindbergh propaganda clippings from the era posing the question "Is Lindbergh a Nutsy?"

Alexandros HoMegas said...

The Lindbergh family fought Jewish power, the father was against the Fed and Charles denounced WWII as war for Jewish interests.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

May 30, 1932
Vienna (May. 27)

"The Lindbergh baby was murdered by Jews for ritual purposes, the murder being committed shortly before Passover, when Jews need Christian Blood, the Nazi organ “Kampfruf” here alleges to-day, urging the American police to direct their investigations into this channel, assuring them that with all murderer among the Jews."

VT Saxon said...

Dude grizz and zap posted this a couple of times in the past couple of years!! Still a great post!,

Zeetip said...

Along the same 1930s/40s patriot line, don't miss the work of Fr. Charles Coughlin. Martin Hill, who recently had 5 mins of fame for getting in The Donald's face about how jooz not scary moozlems did 911:

"Martin Hill: “Here’s how I disrupted Trump’s speech with ‘ISRAEL DID 9/11!” on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio"

"The Realist Report – Martin Hill"

So Martin Hill, a Paleo-Catholic, has a page of his website devoted to the story, articles, & weekly radio addresses from Fr. Coughlin:

Erik Paul said...

"Charles Charles Lindbergh"

As a somewhat compulsive pedant I feel compelled to point out that the flier's middle name was Augustus not Charles (perhaps you were thinking of Sirhan Shirhan?) :-) / lol

But what I really wanted to point out was that there seems be some confusion about the name. I've heard people refer to him as Charles A. Lindbergh Jr, including the esteemed Eustace Mullins, because his father was also named Charles A. Lindbergh.

However, the father's middle name was August while the aviator's was Augustus. The names must be identical to qualify for the term "Junior."

The actual Charles A. Lindbergh Jr was his baby son who was kidnapped and blood-sacrificed.

t brad said...

i was wanting a longer talk....interesting shit.

Erik Paul said...

Yeah, those Coughlin shows were great. I think I got them from the Ognir-beater's site.

There were still some chrome-nickel-steel orchids in the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church. Nothing there but steers and geldings now, I'm afraid.

I hereby formally request that some of the Father's broadcasts be posted here.[any Erinphile admins there by chance? :-) ]

Amerikaner said...

Just imagine for a minute, if during those crucial years, the USA had Huey Long in the White House as President, Charles Coughlin as Vice President, and this great hero here, Charles Lindbergh as Secretary of State. Great Depression would have been fixed without a war. Without the slaughter and rape and Bolshevization of Mother Europe. But rather an end result of all of the USA and all of Europe both standing proud and prosperous, and having come out from under the yoke of Jewry. As an added aside, imagine the great Oswald Mosley in charge of Britain's affairs. The West and us whites would have remained in a state of high cultural and economic prosperity for CENTURIES afterwards. Such a noble vision almost brings a tear to my eye.

Erik Paul said...

Imagine our world if the ovum that became Moses Amschel Bauer had ended up on a menstrual rag instead. (of course, most of us would never have existed because things would have been totally different)