Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Part1:5 Covert Operations & The Exchange Stabilization Fund & Its History

The ESF is a very secretive organization that pulls the strings behind the curtain of the Federal Reserve.


t brad said...

I listened to all 5 parts and thought it was interesting til part 5.....the speaker was just trying to save his family name....he shoulda just had 4 parts to his schpiel. an innocent banker from the fed. reserve.....yeah....okie dokie. i swear, my grandfather was innocent, trust me, ya gotta believe me, i beg ya, for the love of god he was framed.the humanity of it all...think of the children.

Scorpio said...

lol - Well I'll have to agree with your criticism of pt. 5. However, the ESF is a little known entity that provides another piece of the puzzle and another layer of deception to cover-up crimes and covert operations.

jerry said...

this is an old video.