Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Red, Blue, Black List: How They Will Handle “People They Deem To Be Dissidents”

Stop Using "Social Media" Now. It's Just A Tool For Governments To Identify Resistance To Their Tyranny.
Editor’s Comment: There is little doubt that activists, preppers and freedom loving patriots across the Internet and reading this and other alternative sites have managed to get themselves on one or more government “lists.” Despite official denials, there are many specific reasons to think that the government is compiling numerous watch lists that could be activated as “round up” lists for dissidents in the aftermath of a major emergency. FEMA and Homeland Security keep Continuity of Government (COG) as a top priority and will target anyone who could undermine that objective. With that said, what is the most effective way to avoid being rounded up in the event of a crisis where martial law could be declared? How can you keep yourself off the radar and out of trouble before that time comes – the biggest tip is regard online comments and posts to social media outlets like Facebook with serious caution.


Drew Carter said...

A friend of mine, who has a radio show on UCY.tv thinks that "THEY", are just trying to weed out the stupid people! He thinks that the stupid people will be treated like cattle, but by surveilling us - they are trying to figure out who the people are who are bright enough to see through the lies. I wish I agreed with Him and believed that. ;)

Christopher Marlowe said...

Self-censorship is a way to control the population. If we think that we will be punished for what we say, we won't say it. There really is no way to monitor everyone because that would require a massive spy apparatus. If we censor ourselves, then the truth will be hidden.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

I Think "WE" can Kick "THEIR" Fucking Ass's Right now, and They, "THEM",, know it!

The Next generation of Goyim has had their Balls Genetically Removed (SOY),,,

That is the Target Generation for Defeat!

Next 10-20 years,, Alpha Males will be Extinct world wide..

I would bet my Right Nut Plump Full of Testosterone on this!

chris katko said...


chris katko said...

This is simply another self chosen gimmick to get the gullible goyim to refrain from their right to freely express themselves.
Hide underground with a few years supply of Tangy Tangerine and m.r.e. cheesy potatoes?
Nah....live life as free men.
Hiding is for baby people.

Erik Paul said...

Yummm, cheesy potato m.r.e.s washed down with heavy metal Tangy Tangerine! 'Course I'd much rather wolf down a can of ham and egg C-ration, like back in the day.

The thing is...don't worry, be happy! No one is gonna get outta here alive and especially you. (Points index finger 90° to screen)