Sunday, February 7, 2016

Red Ice Radio - Interview With John Lash

This interview from 2008 marks John Lash's first appearance on Red Ice Radio. Topics of discussion include: The origins and repression of the Gnostic literature,  paganism,  technology, the archons and sacred plants. 

Download Hour 1

Download Hour 2

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Zeetip said...

Nice, thx Scorpio.

^ numerous other John Lash interviews linked inside, plus good discussion.

I added this 2008 Henrik/Lash interview, and noted,

"Funny how much more confidently, forcefully Henrik speaks now vs then! I recently heard another 6-8 year old clip of Henrik, years before I even knew of his Red Ice website or shows, and I was struck by the same thing; it's like he had a personality transplant. I believe he's 35ish yo now, which would make him about 27yo in this interview."