Sunday, March 13, 2016

Steak & BJ Day


Erik Paul said...

What!? No video?

Erik Paul said...

@Mami, At the risk of pressing you on a point you seem reticent to discuss, I hereby respectfully ask if you might shed any light on the future of this site. Or should I just take your "Mickey Mouse" as your answer :-)

Mami said...

I for one lost interest in all the conspiracy bullshit. We had a good run and woke a lot of people up, but I don't see anything will ever come of it. Look at all the ranchers and militia that rose up against the feds out west. They are all being rounded up and put in prison. We are all in this citizenship slave system whether we like it or not and why poke the tiger with a stick and get put in a cage.

As for Mamis, I can't say, the other guys seem to be burnt out to and may not post but I'll leave the blog up and see what happens

Unknown said...


I've been coming to this site for a number of years. This site was one of the best
for a long time. I have no idea how the flat earth bullshit could sabotage this great aggregate site .

We all are in the countdown phase of the fourth quarter and to give up now would prove that the bastards really do have the power to make their audacious illusion

Now is the time to double down and get mean and nasty. Not the time to pull out the crying rag and give up.

We WILL prevail

Hail Victory

Blindlight said...

You post a bunch of coopted truthers. What do you expect. You can't fight the JWO halfway

Nona said...

So, Mami, you are taking your own site down?

Well, Renegade Broadcasting is down, WRH is being hacked. John Kaminski took himself out of the game, also.

Futurist said...

I think it's a case of every little bit makes a difference. It would be a bit far fetched to expect Mami's Shit to single handedly alter the course of history. But surely with more converts to the cause (I would assume the pro-white cause was the raison d'être if this site?) we are in a better position, even if it's not enough to make a significant difference?

The Jews devote their lives to genociding us off with immigration, dysgenics, miscegenation, social decohesion, tyranny and low birth rates.

The total number of pro-Jewish activists probably outnumbers the total number of pro-white activists but it might be possible to improve the ratio just through websites and putting up some posters or distributing flyers. Those of us who are higher functioning could do stuff like turn up to council meetings, or try to get elected.