Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hitler Helped Zionism Succeed 2016.06.09

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1776blues said...

Sorry but without the Balfour Declaration the settlement would not have happened. Hitler wanted to send them to Madagascar but most of all he wanted to send them out of Germany. Once the war started as we all know the resettlement ended. The claim that Hitler is responsible is another Jew propaganda scheme to discourage people from looking into how Hitler handled the Jewish Question.

Jews were settling in Palestine before the transfer agreement. In fact
, in 1920 the British mandate and Jewish immigration led to an Arab revolt. But hey let's trash Hitler cause its the ((())) thing to do.

wanda said...

Excellent points Zap. The Hitler love parade is irrational... and so is patriotism.

blackbird9's Pepper Plan said...

Greetings all!!

Hmmm, I think I agree with 1776blues here.

I think a lot of this meme that basically reduces to "Adolf Hitler was Crypto-Jew who was secretly working with the Rothschild Central Bankster, Zionists and Freemasons" can be traced back to the work of Anthony Sutton especially his 1976 book, "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler".

Here is a 2015 interview with Mr. Dennis Wise, the independent film maker who produced the film "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told", that addresses this hypothesis put forth by Anthony Sutton and his followers:

"Truth Will Out Radio Episode 4: Was Hitler Funded by the Bankers?"

As to Anthony Sutton's research findings, I've always found his work to be heavy on the "sensational claims" and light on the hard facts. . . especially when it comes to the "Hitler was a Crypto-Jew working for Rothschild & the Jewish Bankster Shadow Cabal" hypothesis. More Cultural Marxist "Critical Theory" to discredit the man and the movement than Objective "Critical Thinking" to determine the TRUTH in my opinion.

- bb9

Negentropic said...

@1776 Blues

Exactly. Hitler is held by these internet truthers, especially ones like ZCF/Brandon and VKC with previous bitter taste in their mouths from having to deal with the most douchebag factions of WN like Prostink & Anglin who worship Hitler, to a standard of perfection that nobody else under the kind of pressure he was in would ever be. He is expected to be not just the greatest statesman of the 20th century, which he clearly was, being 100% pro-gun and having banned usury, counterfeiting, Judaism, Freemasonry and Jesuitry from Germany, and turned it around from economic disaster to miracle, but the perfect statesman and a perfect statesman is one who never uses the state to interfere in the economy, the Libertarian/Anarchist theory and dream which is workable on paper but has never been implemented in actual reality. Maybe one day it will be and we will have people smart enough to be able to handle only NIOF & IFDOVNIOF, but that's no reason to ignore Hitler's accomplishments, especially if one wants to understand the all-important Jew question.

Ignoring Hitler when it comes to statesmanship, leadership and the Jew question is the equivalent of ignoring Newton when it comes to physics or Frank Lloyd Wright when it comes to architecture. You ignore what he discovered and wrote about at your own peril.

Hitler even arrested a Rothschild and held him for ransom for 20 million dollars in REAL ASSETS, not fiat money. The Jews' original offer was 600,000 so he got exactly 33.33 masonic times the amount of money to not try and hang this one guy.

Of course, the detractors always say "Hitler releasing that Rothschild proves he was working for them." Nonsense. First of all. He did not release him. He held him for ransom for 20 million which is the equivalent of 20 billion dollars today, a huge amount of money back then. Second, what would he have accomplished by trying and hanging ONE Rothschild, when he desperately needed assets for the war effort and the Rothschild Octopus would still be as powerful as it was regardless of whether this one member was alive or not. He did the most intelligent thing or what was best for Germany but even that is taken out-of-context as so-called "proof" that Hitler was an actor like Putin working for elite Jews. lol

Wait a second, the holohoax denial laws passed by Putin is to silence research into Hitler, so in what way is Putin even remotely the same as Hitler? Sure, they both use State-power when they have to and are not Libertarian/Anarchists, but not being Laissez Faire does not make you a puppet. There are many things that were forced into people's lives from years ago that every Fascist has to deal with during the emergency cancer surgery to save the dying patient of European see-will-I-zation (only when you can see a certain degree of your freewill in action do you have an actual civilization).

wanda said...

Negentropic... To be fair, i'd say, you pretty much nailed it.