Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2016.06.14

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Devvy Kidd - America In Crisis

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Jeff - And Your Calls

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Jim Oglesby - Travelers From Space part II

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Wiktor Markow said...

The second hour won't load.

badbeta said...

first hour won't load either

zapoper said... is down

zapoper said...

Shannon "Inertia" Sealey said...

great work zap, much appreciated

Zeetip said...

Thanks for coming back into action zap. Rense's shows are what i missed most from the old mami's...the other shows I could find elsewhere, but not JR's! :(

That said, really disappointed to hear JR & Devvy regurgitate all that dinjoo-spew about scary moozlemismists, like a turbocharged version of the dinjooz media.

And all that devvy/JR dinjoospew about eeeevil moozlemismists, triggered by their (supposed...) blind faith in the sudden, anomalous veracity of's account of (their) Orlando HomoHoax!

Add devvy/JR's bit about moozlemismist female genital mutilation... I'd bet JR himself is dinjoo-ritually male genitally mutilated (aka "circumcised") as around 95% of US born males were after WW2?! No talk about that; only about the scary moozlemismists and their primitive barbarity!

Anonymous said...

Silly to hear Rense claim that Obama is a Muslim. First, his mother was a big time atheist, then Rense himself doesn't even believe that Barack Obama Sr. is his father, saying it's Frank Marshall Davis.

But then looking to his adopted father, who raised him in Indonesia, yes, he was raised Muslim there, effectively, and there is that article about him apparently saying the call to prayer in perfect Arabic (not surprising if you hear it 5 times a day for years on end), but then there's the later tie-in of his with a bunch of atheist Marxists.

It reminds me of the late Dr. Stan Monteith having a guest on talking about some Hindu charm that Obama carried and how he spent all those years in that Church, yet later he regressed, saying Obama is a Muslim.

Obama, to me, looks like an opportunist. If he is a Muslim, he's a helluva bad one, and not sincere at all, because the Qur'an says that if you intentionally kill a Muslim, there will be a very severe penalty (implying hell), so with all the drone attacks and being Israel's lackey with the bombings against ISIS, he is a very insincere Muslim indeed.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Rense made a token reference to Jewish Americans that he says has been saying to for a long time to clean things up with their Jewish supremacist problem, but that got lost during his overall narrative of 'dem Mooslims. He is right to say that Muslims need to clean up their ranks, but he was playing right into Jewish supremacists hands by going on so much about Islam as a religion and a civilizational conflict instead of focusing on limiting all mass immigration and ending multiculturalism.

Of course when it comes to Palestine, if it's occupied territory, they should be expected to fight back with arms as much as Americans would if invaded, though there is the matter of what is politically smart to be doing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, in the second hour, caller saying he's owed $10k in unrendered services by Tim Rifat. Wouldn't at all surprise me if it's true, but caller is dumb if he gave that much money without any service.

I hadn't heard of Rifat until a couple years ago, when he had already started acting like a stupid idiot, totally serving the powers that he claims to be against, but when those archives were played, it's sad to hear how he was once legit, then turned into an idiot just to tease people, for money, or for more sinister reasons.

Rense should've ended it, but he needs to pay for his $400k lifestyle somehow, sadly. To his limited credit, I don't think he's a deliberate disinfo agent like Alex Jones, however, so that's why I can't totally condemn him.