Saturday, June 11, 2016

Spingola Speaks 2016.06.11

Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom, author of How Britain Initiated both World Wars; Bernice Jones talks about the profitable practice of organ harvesting.

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Anonymous said...

Chamberlain promised Hitler the Sudetenland in 1937 and started the whole process. Maybe this was a trap, because C and France almost stopped everything and made the things go so far that the war almost was unavoidable. He waited a coup and the british propaganda accused Hitler for aggression. The same with the whole Bohemia. The Chzechs cased problems and refused to co-operate so that Germany had to occupy them and made the protectorat. Britain said before that this would be ok. But afterwards Britain made this casu belli and started to prepare war with Poland

Anonymous said...

There was not just the murdering and deporting the Germans in Poland. Poland also threatened with war and promised in August to occupy Danzig in September. Poland mobilised partly already in March