Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Gears Of Evil - The Great Subliminal Message Deception

After nearly 100 years of refining, is the public now a harnessed beast to be led where the elite social engineers see fit... even if that's to war. poverty, famine or death?


Negentropic said...

Good stuff. He really did some new research and didn't just repeat already known information. He should have spell-checked the writing in his video though.

Here's the Reagan-As-President Pall Mall cigarette ad from the 1950s that he featured in the video:

If this is a real ad, which it seems to be, and not some photoshopped satire by Freaking News, then it follows that they had an inkling Reagan, "the hot stud" as they call him, smoking LOTS of Pall Malls, was going to be President of the USA some day even back then and were grooming and preparing the public for it.

According to his bio Reagan was an FDR supporting democrat and didn't even move to the right-wing until the late 1950s under the influence of his second wife Nancy Davis. Therefore, Democrat or Republican, the existence of this ad suggests that Reagan was thought of as a political actor for them as well as part of the usual Hollywood propaganda department team of actors.

wanda said...

Yeah... and now actors are all our politicians are. Surpirse, surprise. Foreshadowing.

Government, monarchy... it's all illusion. Try to convince people of that. Good Luck.