Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2016.06.26

Scott Roberts – Reaching the Light

Kyle speaks to Scott Roberts about his work over the years spreading awareness, the way things have changed over time, problems we face, trolls and subversion, women hatred, controlled opposition, BREXIT, reasons for realistic optimism, and much more. There are plenty of great callers as well.

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Negentropic said...

You couldn't pay me a hundred bucks to listen to these two clowns. lol

Futurist said...

How much could someone pay you to troll the comments sections of websites then?

Negentropic said...


Much more than a thousand shekels in terms of sweet satisfaction. lol I troll people who fully deserve to be trolled and these two, especially Scott Roberts and his fat-headed CI buddy Prostink, have deserved it for a long time. As far as Kyle goes, what possible "good" could a Pagan National Socialist Flat Earfer do outside of the most fringe circle jerks? KH also banned John Kaminski, Angelo John Gage and John Friend all from his site in the same month without once criticizing what his own wife was spewing. Have fun being one of the suckers they need to feed their own much-inflated "troofer" egos. lol

Anonymous said...

I listened to them for free. Scott must be doing something right, or he wouldn't have a former troll on here (Ken Horst/Greg Swamp/Jim Dandy) trolling his videos, and revealing himself one time as a Jewish troll.

Anonymous said...

If Kyle is genuine (and everything I have examined over the years leads me to conclude that that is more than likely the case), then it's his business being all those things, and it's better to be authentic than to compromise for the sake of reaching the masses, or even a significant niche of them.

That's why we need voices from all sorts of experiences and backgrounds in order to resonate with particular groups that no one else would, just as the mass media does to spread their propaganda.