Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2016.08.09

Hillary's apparent illness; Update on her emails.
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jerry said...

Does fetzer honestly think Trump (the tho the "billionaire" is a close pal) is gonna be any different than "the Hillary" is an indication of just how STUPID fetzer is!!! for an HONEST ALTERNATIVE!!!!!

badbeta said...

There is a lot of us that in for a bit of a let down. The level of expectation that us Trump fans have can never be satisfied even if it was Jesus H. Christ running.
Please note, if it had been Hillary against Jeb!...none of us would be giving a shit so let the games continue because at least The Donald has made it interesting and your Scott Smith hasn't got a hope in hell.

jerry said...

I am not affiliated with ... the guy is offering SOLUTIONS ... something clinton and 'the donald' steadfastly refuse to do.

jerry said...

If 'the donald' and clinton are the best our political leaders can come up with, we're FINISHED as a Constitutional Republic!