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Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2016.08.24

Gerard Menuhin on "Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil"

Almost from the moment I garnered mainstream media notice as a voice of 9/11 truth, I became the target of a libelous Zionist campaign to smear me as a "holocaust denier" – even though I had never voiced any opinions on that issue, about which I knew next to nothing. A false and libelous Wikipedia paragraph spuriously linking me to "holocaust deniers" whose names I did not even recognize appeared, and reappeared every time it was taken down.  After years of these bizarre false accusations, I grew curious: Who was doing this, and why? Who gave them such mendacious imaginations, complete control of Wikipedia, and immunity from libel laws? And what purposes were served by falsely accusing 9/11 truth advocates of "holocaust denial"? (These accusations resurfaced last week as part of a smear campaign against Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka.)

Gerard Menuhin, son of renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin, offers disturbing answers. His book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil (click the title for a free download) provides a stunning compilation of repressed quotes and facts that, taken together, challenge the conventional narrative of mainstream history.

What led a prominent Jewish figure like Gerard Menuhin to take on such a "third rail" issue as holocaust revisionism – and then situate it in the context of an alleged inter-generational Jewish conspiracy for world domination via the "New World Order"? Those who find his message disturbing (as I do) should take the time to understand what he is saying, and then attempt to refute whatever is refutable. Calling him names does not qualify as a refutation.

Here is a brief statement by Gerard Menuhin elaborating on some of his statements in this interview.

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Don Damore said...

This man and his book came to my attention about three months ago. I read every review I could find; Frederick Toben Is my favourite. You can find it at Adelaide Institute, in one of the newsletters from about six months ago.

It appeared to me that this book was impossible to acquire, even Barnes review, the publisher was no longer the distributor.

I first heard the book mentioned on FFWN six months ago, so well done to Kevin Barrett for having Gerard Menuhin on his show, (not yet heard the show) and a big thank you to the author for making the book available as a free PDF.

Thanks Mami