Monday, September 5, 2016

The Graham Hart Show 2016.09.05

The Max Igan and Ken O’Keefe controversy continues. Graham plays The Richie Allen show live with Ken O'Keefe. Last week Max Igan was on the same show. After the stream, Graham and Dennis Wise give their opinion on this drama fest and then go on to discuss different topics.

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Samuel Sang said...

Whole Allen/O'Keefe show, 1h 25m:

Solfeggio said...

Ken is not done, friends. I don't know if you are for real, or if your opinions are for real, but Max has a spotty history with numerous examples of disruption. If anything, it discredited Richie Allen. You do not have all the facts, and the way Richie began the interview is obvious, regardless of how much he walked back and said he is not "accusing Ken of anything." That is exactly what he did, and did not let Ken tell his side of the story. It was one interruption at beginning after another until Ken naturally became angry. You confuse Ken getting angry with his "being done." You do not even know the big picture. But if you had to bet on a person's character, you just bet on the wrong one. Trust me. Max has disrupted many legitimate truth investigations, from Sandy Hook, to Flat Earth, to you name it. And he is just some guy, where Ken is the real deal. The Richie Allen show is now looking like the British version of Alex Jones, where it is not all legit. He even has arguments with Jim Marrs, and then has shows explaining why he had arguments with various guests. He knows what he cannot go into, and he guards against it. He takes all Trump supporters for some freak show, as if he believes some mainstream media. I am sick of Euro-trash understanding how Americans work. We DO things. We put it on the line. And we do know strategy. And the last person I would trust is some Aussie shill next to a man who took out a Mossad agent, and who served as a marine. There are talkers, and walkers. And this will blow up bad, but not for Ken in the end. A man's character is who he is. And this blow-up hurts who? And Richie Allen, who is David Icke's well paid lackey, the man who literally makes money off a "conpiracy about reptillian shape-shifters" that has done more harm to conspiracy research than any one human being with that book (if he said it was a metaphor, now that would be something) is supposedly the voice of reason and lawfulness. What a crock!