Sunday, October 16, 2016

Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris 2012.10.12

Listening to Gordon Duff on Friday's Truth Jihad made me remember my original post of him on Mike Harris' show back in October 2012. Since the file was removed from Kiwi6 nearly a year later, I decided to update the post with its comments by uploading my original file to


SVBob said...

Gordon Duff is an enormous BS artist. In this single interview from 2012 he claims to be or have been a member of military intelligence, ex-Vietnam marine vet, a history teacher, a bank compliance officer, on the board of some big company, a Washington lobbyist, someone who legally launders lots of money, and "theoretically an economist."
In his interviews he likes to brag about how important he is, how much insider info and access he has, and how insiders are constantly seeking his attention, in addition to how fabulously wealthy he is. I'm sure this all rubbish, as is his bio posted at VT. On the other hand, he does know about guns. I would guess that he is a low-level handgun arms dealer to some insiders, and maybe runs personal bodyguard company and that's how he knows some insiders.
Or, alternatively, he is simply employed by the government. That would explain how VT can have a decent-sized website and full-time personnel, with almost no advertising. Somebody on the internet speculated: "I think that Tavistock and Rand (think tanks) consider Veterans Today a market research firm to see just how far they can go in revealing the real truth without people running screaming into the streets or attacking the bastions of power in Washington. So far, the mainstream news outlets seem safely impervious to the truth no matter how fantastic it may be." I don't like or trust Tavistock or Rand but they might be right here. Some of the articles on nukes at 911 are painfully close to what must be the truth.
Or he is a paid disinfo agent who muddies truth with some bad info and lies. Or maybe he tells mostly truth but will blow up his website's credibility permanently by bringing in UFO claims.
And yes, in this 2012 interview he does admit to being jewish, though maybe only a half. He wouldn't know about the "Purple Gang", a jewish crime syndicate from the 1920's in Detroit if he wasn't jewish. All his talk about the noble Duff clan is probably lies.

Erik Paul said...

I've wondered about the authenticity of his name becsuse as a longtime Titanic buff I'm aware that among its most famous passengers were Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff-Gordon. His name seems to be a play on that surname.

Charles Frith said...

Duff Daddy is a legend. His earthquake narcissism and infinite capacity for memory-wiped contradictions unveil his fairly simple agenda.

Right now Veteran's Today is toast if Trump gets in.

For what it's worth I suspect he's a sales rep for a slightly saner version of one faction of the military industrial security complex. This is kind of like a family of retards where one nuclear dealer figures out blowing up the planet's bad for the future of the arms business. Trump just intruded on the retards and nobody can get a rain check on how insane he is, so it's a Mexican standoff.

In this sense, Duff Daddy sees himself as a good guy. It's just he's unable to hold his story together so it always unravels and lands like a dropped ice cream on a hot pavement. Entertaining, with a few morsels of info and clown-shoes shits and giggles.

He has a nice lifestyle to cling to. Attachment is suffering.