Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2016.10.22

The battle for America’s soul amped up this week, as voters showered Wikileaks with love for exposing Hillary’s corruption , and THREE national polls gave Trump the lead. Today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson analyze the character flaws Hillary revealed at the Third Presidential debate. The questions Americans have got to ask are: Do We the People want a cunning President who deflects and pivots from exposure of her crimes, by inventing all new lies that have to be picked apart. From blaming Russia for WIKILEAKS to denying Haiti’s despair over stolen Earthquake funds with stories of the great generosity of the Clinton Foundation— Hillary was at her best. No doubt Hillary’s corrupt to the core. Scott and Michael Jay concur with your Faithful Host that Americans must take this lady down at the Ballot, or resort to Special Prosecutor and Impeachment. We’re quite happy to hold up Supreme Court nominations and key Cabinet appointments until Congress consents to an Independent Prosecutor. If YOU vote for Hillary, WE will remove her! Until that day, Democrats will suffer shame and scorn for your hypocrisy & corruption! There’s just no excuse EVER for foisting corruption on the rest of us! We Will Not Accept Hillary Clinton as Our President. Never! Never! Never! Democrats might be blind, but the rest of us are VOTING Trump for very good reasons! BATTLE ON, FRIENDS!!! HEE HAW!!!!!

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