Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2016.10.05

Jim Gilbert: Are unconventional energy technologies about to change the world?

Jim Gilbert is a metallurgical engineer with an MA in finance who has worked developing and marketing hi-tech products.

In this interview, we discuss the possibly impending roll-out of "breakthrough" energy technologies. Cold fusion, Tesla devices, the Keshe electrical generators supposedly already operating in various places all are candidates.

A large-scale transformation in the way we generate electrical power, with a huge price reduction, would change the world in any number of ways. How likely to happen is this, and how soon? Are the forces that dominate today's scarcity-based economy suppressing these new technologies?

A few years ago, I dismissed all "free energy" claims as cranky and highly unlikely to be true. Then I read Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point, which makes a well-documented case that these revolutionary technologies do exist and have been suppressed.

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TheDude said...

Keshe free energy is a total scam. Do not be taken in. None of his free energy devices really work. Do a google and youtube search and see for yourselves.