Friday, October 7, 2016

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2016.10.07

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, live from Lethbridge, discusses suspension of Professor Anthony Hall

First hour: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel joins us with an update on events in Lethbridge, Alberta, where Professor Anthony Hall has been suspended without pay due to an illegal "hate speech" image that was planted on his Facebook page, unbeknownst to him. (You can also listen to my recent show in which Jeremy described his own battle for free speech at the Kansas City Public Library, where he was assaulted and kidnapped by de facto Israeli agents for asking a question during the Q&A.)

Second hourJournalist-activist Randy Short is well-connected in Washington, DC. He will discuss some lesser-known Clinton family scandals, including the Clinton Foundation's giving away watered-down HIV drugs in Africa; Bill Clinton's black out-of-wedlock son; Congressman Walter Fauntroy's stunning revelations about the Hillary-sponsored Libyan genocide; and young African-Americans' gradual awakening to the sorry reality of the Clinton record.

@ Kevin, would it be too much to ask of you to take a break from trying to share your beliefs in moronic organized religion? It actually dilutes the good work that you do by turning off many listeners.

Spirituality is personal and in my opinion should not be pushed on anyone. If you have found "THE TRUTH", all I can say is: Good for you! Assalamualaikum and shalom to you too! ...NEXT!!!

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