Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donald Sutherland Goes Full Retard On Result Of Election (Ashamed to be White)

I should go and kick his lying ass. It's only a 30 minutes drive from where I live LOL


alcoe said...

my parents knew Terry Fox's mother.she met him at the Vancouver Olympic opening ceremony.
she tried to talk to him and tell him she was a fan.He completely ignored her.This is Terry fox's
mom who was an icon in Canada and worldwide for his Cancer run .What a douche.

I think i could tell he was a piece of crap before this story.
Fuck him and all the Celebrytards.Everybody should boycott their shitty movies,tv shows,
and music

And please,if you don't kick his ass,please at least call him a douche bag for me and Terry's

alcoe said...

And one more thing.The guy isn't even American he's Canadian.You guys should start a
petition to kick his sorry ass out of your Country.The fuckin balls on that cocksucker!

Wait a minute is he a jew?

1776blues said...

I'm beginning to wonder if there are any real men in Hollywood. I didn't hear him say anything about his son Kiefer. Regardless, the old shitbag should try living as a white male without his Jew money. Sorry as Donald needs to go to the old Jewish movie set in hell!

larry said...

Yeah he's a jew