Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2016.11.06

Today’s guest, Joe Calhoun goes deep into the Hollywood Art of “Spirit Cooking” and the Lolita Express run by Jeffrey Epstein. We talk about the NYPD investigation and Anthony Weiner’s bombshell– and how it all hooks into HIllary Clinton’s good friend Marina Abramovich, cult priestess of Hollywood’s A-List, like Jay-Zee and Beyonce who have thrown millions of dollars of cash donations to Hillary’s Campaign. . This is the opening stage of a major discovery of top Democrat pedophaeliac network. NYPD has apparently vowed that if the FBI won’t get the job done, the NYPD will! And we’ll support them 1000 percent. No way will Lolita Island get buried like the Franklin Scandal. Nor will the abused minors trafficked for the enjoyment of political elite be silenced.

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Alex McFadden said...

Thanks for posting this show. She may not be the best talk show host, but some of her guests are pretty good.